Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Top in Singapore.

kitchen top in singapore feature 1

kitchen top in singapore feature 1

We all want that perfect look for our kitchen. For many, buying their first kitchen top in Singapore would probably be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Most probably wouldn’t be looking at a new one any time soon after their first purchase. It also plays a big part in the overall look of the kitchen; but there really is a lot more to it.

Therefore, here are 3 important things you need to know before choosing a kitchen top in Singapore:


  1. Understand and visualize the overall look that you want.

Although a mish-mash design can be really beautiful in its own right, you don’t want to leave the look of your kitchen to momentarily flights of fancy. That is, picking up whatever that seemed to “look nice” at the moment and then seeing how it fits in with the other non-countertop elements of your kitchen.

Also, here’s something else to think about:  if you want a Roman forum feel for your kitchen, is there anything currently in the kitchen that might look out of place beside all that marble you’re planning to deck out your kitchen with? Like that tacky plastic tray holder that your mom gave you, which you had formed some irrational attachment to, and simply can’t bring yourself to throw out even for your glorious imperial vision? Perhaps it’s time to start looking at solid surface countertops instead, which comes in a variety of styles so you’re more likely to find something to complement it.

kitchen top in singapore honed marble

Honed marble has a more natural look, but is more of a chore to clean. It’s probably also closer to what the Romans would’ve used in the day…

  1. Think carefully about your lifestyle.

Let’s take your (presumed) vision of Roman Imperial glory again: it is IMPERATIVE (please excuse the Imperial Roman references) that you understand the ups and downs of your chosen countertop material. For example: will you be using the countertop for a lot of food preparation? Remember that untreated marble countertops, more so than granite countertops, are very porous. Thus, they soak up stains like a thirsty hippo… or a sponge… whatever.

Although treating the surface with a liquid-proof resin will help prevent this as well as unhygienic bacterial growth, some people (such as myself) much prefer the look of honed, unpolished marble, which has a more natural look. Also, the etch marks caused by acids and other strong chemicals don’t show up as glaringly as they do on polished marble.

kitchen top in singapore countertops 1

No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, the more time spent preparing food at your kitchen top, the more likely you’d make a mess.

  1. Only within your means.

Unless you aspire to, “A Pearl in the Storm” and don’t like the idea of spending ninety percent of your budget on (yup, you guessed it) a glorious Imperial Roman marble slab (and nothing much else), then having to sit in the middle of a plain, drab, concrete kitchen next to with a flimsy steel sink, surrounded by $2 Daiso kitchenware – it’s time to think things over…

After all, function should come before form, and a cheaper alternative could be just be as beautiful. Instead of pining for the zenith only to fall out from the sky half-way, why not settle for a faux marble solid surface countertop? They’re pretty good. Really.

kitchen top in singapore budget 1

Wisely plan your budget for the best outcome. Cook scientifically!


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