Stone Amperor – A Supplier of Kitchen Tops in Singapore That Puts Customers First.

kitchen tops in singapore customers first

Bad customer service. We’ve all been victim to unscrupulous businesses that care only for profit, regardless of their customers. Just recently a salesman of retailer Gadget Terminal in Sim Lim Square was arrested and jailed for 28 weeks attempting to cheat customers.

This particular event might had gone well (justice was served) but many underhanded sales practices go unchecked – and honest customers pay the price. This is no different with suppliers of kitchen tops in Singapore where unscrupulous dealers can and will shortchange their customers given the chance.


Serving the customer first.

Wise and/or civic-minded businesses understand the importance of fair business practices, and as the old Japanese adage goes, The Customer is God , or the saying “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, – serving the customer well should always be a top priority, and you know that a company means well when they are honest with their customers.

Jasmine Tan, director of Stone Amperor, believes in giving customers exactly what they need, which is not to be confused with what they want. By cross-examining a client’s wants against their lifestyle and budget she is able to provide her customers with what they truly need.

kitchen tops in singapore customers first

Even the best products in the world are worth zilch without good customer service.

For example, it would be difficult to recommend a marble kitchen top to a customer if they weren’t willing to commit to its care, even if they insisted. Marble is a porous and soft material (two major factors that make countertops more difficult to maintain). Highly porous materials soak up stains or harbour germs if not cleaned properly, and its softness means that it scratches easily.

Therefore it would be better if they considered a granite, engineered quartz countertop or even solid surface countertops instead. The properties of natural stone countertop options can differ quite a lot and customers might not be aware of these differences.

However, if the customer did not intend to use it for much activity then the maintenance shouldn’t be much of a problem, and it would be fine to let the customer go ahead with their purchase. It is this mindfulness to service that Stone Amperor always aspires to, regardless of is being served.


The best scenario for all.

Knowledge and experience of the products and services of an industry can be exploited for pure financial gains, or it can be used to truly serve customers, the latter forming a genuine business relationship between those serving and those being served.

And when customers are happy they are going to come back the next time they need something, or recommend your services to their friends – and word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertisement.


If you’re looking for an honest supplier of kitchen tops in Singapore then look no further – Stone Amperor promises to serve your needs as best we can. Contact us for more information!



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