Solid surfaces are synthesized from a variety of materials ranging from marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, epoxy or polyester.

Non-porous, requiring low-maintenance and seamless in look, solid surfaces are popular with young working adults who simply want their countertop to work with no fuss. They come in a wide number of colours and designs, solid surface countertops gives homeowners and interior designers the options they need to create the ambiance they desire.

Practical, hygienic and affordable, solid surface countertops have found their way into the kitchen, restaurants, airports and even hospitals.

Polyester Solid Surface

Polyester solid surfaces are known for its visual depth, colours and resistance to chemicals that acrylics do not. However, it is most appreciated for its high-gloss finish. Practical, attractive and affordable, the reliability of polyester solid surfaces are secured its place as a top solid surface countertop choice. Examples of brands that carry this are Avonite Studio Collection and Swanstone.

Acrylic Solid Surface (Samsung Staron)

Acrylic solid surfaces boasts several advantages that keep it high on the list, including its thermoformability and easy fabrication. This makes acrylic solid surfaces versatile in design and is cheaper to produce. In addition, it is resistant to chemicals that polyester solid surfaces aren’t resistant to. Its shining feature, however, is its Class 1 fire rating. Examples of popular brands include Staron, HI-MACS, Corian and LivingStone.

Acrylic Solid Surface (DuPont Corian)

Hailed as the first of its kind, Corian is the brand name for a top-of-the-line solid surface countertop material developed by DuPont scientists back in 1967. Today, it is the base for several other market brands including Samsung’s Staron and LG’s HI-MACS. Each product differs mainly in the designs that they come in, presenting a myriad of beautiful designs for customers to choose from.