There may be no more reliable way to increase the worth of your house than looking for home improvements that add value to a property, aside from waiting patiently for home prices to rise. With that said, fixing up your home can be a great investment if you ever decide to sell. Homeowners should see the bigger picture and ask themselves these questions.

How much do you want to spend to renovate your home? What will it get you in return? What are the best renovation features that will appeal to potential buyers when you decide to sell?

It’s a guarantee that you will be able to increase your property’s resale value by simply changing or enhancing various elements in your home. Here are five home improvements that will help you add significant value to your property.

kitchen design


The kitchen is known to be the centerpiece of the house for good reasons. In this day and age, prospective buyers seem to find modern kitchens highly appealing as it is the place where they would most probably spend a great amount of time.

If you intend to increase the value of your home, this does not necessarily mean you have to completely transform your kitchen. It is important for homeowners to understand that even a smaller investment can create a major impact. 

If you wish to give your kitchen a more contemporary feel, you can start by installing new appliances, a new countertop and flooring to give the space an entirely fresh appearance.

Also, applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls, adding a splash of colour with your backsplash tile, giving a faux-wood finish onto your cabinets, replacing the drawer fronts as well as the handles can breathe new life into the space instantly.

Other upgrades include:

  • Go stainless steel – The cold feel of steel is extremely popular among buyers. As your appliances wear out, you can easily transition and pair them with a similar metallic look in your light switches.
  • Standout with a rolling island – Give your kitchen some character by simply hanging a pot rack with fresh new pots, pans and a hanging wine bottle holder. What makes it even greater is that you can take some of these kitchen equipment with you to your new home.

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Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms are also considered the most important space to upgrade. It comes as no surprise that there are lots of wear and tear, so homeowners should be mindful to keep the space functioning well and invest in good looking upgrades from time to time.

It is extremely crucial to take proper care and maintenance of your bathroom as it is one of the most high-traffic areas out of all the rooms in any house. Homeowners can start by changing the old floor or replacing the tiles to make the tub and shower look more aesthetically appealing to the eyes.

If you do not want to invest a large amount on the renovation, small repairs such as painting the walls and fixing old light fixtures can make a huge difference as well. 

Other upgrades include:

  • Focus on your faucet – Long gone drop-sinks, under-mount sinks are the popular trend among many buyers nowadays. The reason behind is simply because people like to feel relaxed, as if they are in a spa.
  • Choose granite or marble with your countertops – If you are still on the fence with the granite idea, your bathroom counter is most likely to be smaller than your kitchen counter and probably less expensive as well. For homeowners who wish to start their first granite project on the right foot, then this is a great place and opportunity to do so.
  • Upgrade bath area – With the promise of a great return, you can consider installing a shower with body sprays and stone surround tile that transports you to a zen garden every time you enter your bathroom.

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Landscaping is potentially the most economical and easiest way to boost your home value in the first year as it improves the curb appeal of your house effectively. If a potential buyer sees your yard in a disheveled state, they are unlikely to enter your house, let alone make an offer.

It is important for homeowners to take their time and make a list of possible ways to enhance the positive and eliminate the negative. If you have a nice curvy walkway, accentuate it by simply adding flowers or lanterns.

If the first thing a visitor sees is your wide garage, try to guide their eyes into a beautiful front yard. If that seems a little bit extravagant for your preference, you can always consider getting your front door paint with bold colours. By making these improvements, you are able to add value to your home in no time. 

Other upgrades include:

  • Strategically plant your greens – By planting the right tree, not only does it add visual appearance to your home, but also help reduce energy costs by as much as 50% and raise the value of your neighbouring homes. If you wish to cool the property, planting young shrubs and leaving space for it to grow is always a great idea.
  • Cleaning up your lawn – It is important to prioritize the cleanliness and tidiness of your overall property. Homeowners can now easily hire a contractor to take care of overgrown, patchy lawn areas and/or outsized bushes. Remember, curb appeal does not stop at your property line and there will be more added value to your home if you live in a place where everyone pays attention to its appearance.

outdoor lighting


When potential buyers come to your home, their first impression would be your home’s exterior. Therefore, homeowners should make the most of this opportunity with their exterior lighting fixture to further improve the house’s curb appeal.

In terms of safety, floodlights on your home’s exterior can be a big selling point for your buyers since they reduce the number of places a burglar could hide in your property. By installing lights on the path leading up to your entrance, this helps to highlight your attention to details. And most importantly, it ensures the safety of your home as well as making it more inviting to your guests.

There are a few things that need to be considered when choosing your outdoor lighting. This includes:

  • Lumens – It is a unit of measurement for light and a bulb’s brightness will be marked by its lumen output. A lumen level of 100 works in the case of outdoor path lighting, whereas you would need something close to 1000 lumens for high-range security lighting.
  • Wattage – It measures the amount of power needed to make the light work. LED lights have lower watt usage than incandescent lights.
  • Motion sensor – There are various outdoor lighting fixtures that use motion sensors so you can keep them off when they are not needed, which acts as an added security and energy-saving measure. It can easily range from around 10 to 60 feet, homeowners are advised to use the size of their yard as a benchmark for starters.
  • Solar options – As the technology becomes more accessible, solar-powered lighting gets more affordable. These options run either solely on solar power alone or with a small battery to operate the solar cell.

home design


If your house is on the market, a bright and sparkly home can instantly attract buyers like a magnet. By making a clean house a priority, you do several things at once.

First, you would know and take control of necessary maintenance issues, identify potential problems before they become major ones. Second of all, you do not allow dirt, junk and other unnecessary items in the household to pile up over time. Lastly, everyone knows that a clean house is healthier for you as well as your family.

It is important to understand that decluttering is a form of cleaning. Just as dirt builds up, so does clutter. Homeowners need to comprehend that moving your junk around is uncalled for, and getting rid of it now is the best option for everyone.

Though cleaning and decluttering is inexpensive, it still requires a great amount of time and work. In order to make sure that you are not keeping anything you do not need or want, you can go through cabinets and closets so you can make a donation pile.

Moreover, you can also clean out drawers and other storage areas in your household as well. The idea of deep cleaning and subsequent cleanings is so that your home looks more appealing and more comfortable to live in.

This is beneficial for homeowners who wish to sell their property off in the coming future, as they are presenting a clean, pristine home that will surely attract a large number of buyers. However, if you do not plan to move, you can also gain benefits as well from making better use of your space, getting more organized and having less clutter to stress over.

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