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#1 Obro: Kitchen Appliances You Need

Obro: Kitchen Appliances You Need Obro. A kitchen appliance range you can look to for durability and affordability without compromising on quality. Obro is a modernized kitchen appliances manufacturer which offers buyers new cooking style with the latest technology and design. It offers a great flexibility, convenience, and ease for buyers’ kitchens. You can see […]


OBRO DOWNDRAFT COOKER HOOD & HOB (SINGAPORE SUPPLIER) ADD INSTANT CLASS & PRESTIGE TO YOUR HOME WITH OBRO'S DOWNDRAFT COOKER HOOD TODAY OBRO's downdraft cooker hood and induction cooker hob are modern, exquisite, and highly functional -- specially designed to add instant class and prestige to your home... while giving you the utmost convenience and [...]

Choose The Kitchen Cabinet That Spice Up Your Kitchen: 5 Tips

Kitchen cabinets are one of the pieces of furniture that you can’t leave out of your kitchen. As one of the major focal points of the kitchen, it can be hard to choose the right one, especially when you can find so many designs in the market. Should you get a functional one or one […]

Quartz Countertop: 5 Important Things You Didn’t Know

When getting a countertop for the kitchen, most people will look for material that is needed to be durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. If you are one of them, a quart countertop definitely is one of your top choices. Quartz countertops are found in many households. Quartz countertop has been a popular countertop material […]

Kitchen Feng Shui 2023: Everything You Need To Know For This CNY

Kitchen Feng Shui 2023: Everything You Need To Know For This CNY CNY 2023 is upon us and it’s the year of the Earth Pig!  This time, we’re talking about the principle of Feng Shui. Stereotypical, we know, but Feng Shui does have its fair share of believers and practitioners even in the West. That […]

Kickstart Your Kitchen Renovation Journey

Welcome to Stone Amperor Family! Do not know where or how to start? We make it easy for you to start your kitchen renovation journey with our Kickstarter here. Just click at any one of the options here to start off. What are you waiting for? Take your first step in your Kitchen Renovation journey [...]

Slate Lite – The Original Stone Veneer

What is Slate Lite? Slate Lite is revolutionary stone. It is a paper-thin real stone veneer. It is of 100% natural stone from all around the world. Which is cut into very thin slabs. Then, supported with a flexible cotton-based or fiberglass backing. This backing enforces the material giving it better stability, flexibility, and usability. […]

Must-Have Elements for a Modern Kitchen

Modern-Day Kitchens – More Than Just Fancy New Appliances What defines a modern kitchen? Is it the new-age and sleek kitchen appliances? Or is it the layout of the kitchen? Perhaps the key lies in stunning cabinetry and countertops? The answer is quite obvious. As with most things, the secret to style lies in the […]

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Child Friendly

I know it has been said a lot; the kitchen is the heart of the home. Also, it is the family gathering space, the room where you spend sweet, precious time together. A debriefing moment after a long day.   Unfortunately, your lovely space probably contains more hazardous items than every other room in your [...]

Deep Clean Your Kitchen With These Techniques Before Your CNY Open House

The kitchen is the hardest-working room in your house. So it’s essential to have it spick and span to ensure food cleanliness and safety. Therefore, your kitchen needs a regular deep clean for pristine conditions. A deep clean is due monthly for best conditions. They’re also due before any special occasion to have your kitchen […]