Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Sleek, Modern and Superbly Functional

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Sleek, Modern and Superbly Functional

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Some might not agree, but I truly believe it is and that is why its design and style represents the homeowner’s taste and character. Kitchen, a place where you commune regularly to have your “kaya” toast, half boiled egg breakfast with your family and close friends. It needs to be not only comfortable but convenient.

What can bring a unique element to your kitchen’s design? Aluminium! Aluminium kitchen cabinet features eccentric designs, styles and colours that incorporate every homeowner’s preference and personality. It will sort of give your kitchen a face-lift, if that makes sense.

Research is essential when it comes to choosing aluminum kitchen cabinets to provide you with the best value for your money while enjoying long-lasting quality with nifty and convenient features. So, without further ado let’s take a peek at what makes aluminium kitchen cabinets so special…

Low-Maintenance Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

First and foremost, the ease of care has got to be aluminium’s biggest advantage. These cabinets do not need much care just wiping off the dirt and dust whenever necessary. Unlike laminated plywood which needs to be treated with lemon oil or some other protectant to keep it safe from water, with aluminium you can skip this step completely. Also, you’ll be happy to know that almost any mess will come off its surface by simply wiping it off with a clean, damp cloth.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Image credit: A Star Furnishing

If you think aluminium kitchen cabinets are all boring monotonous, metallic designs, then you are wrong! The vast array of colour choices for this material gives you a lot to choose from.

Black and white is so mainstream. So basic. So yesterday. Okay, I don’t want to exaggerate but sis, aluminium though. The vast array of colour choices they have. The vibrant choices of colour and not to forget, they are long-lasting! Meaning they don’t fade.

Cost Effective

While the initial cost might seem counter-intuitive to this idea at first, aluminium kitchen cabinets are virtually maintenance-free and are more lasting. Laminated plywood cabinets, while are cheaper, need to be glazed periodically to protect it from moisture and other chemicals which is absolutely necessary in a tropical climate. This translates into long-term savings for the aluminium kitchen cabinet owner.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Image credit: A Star Furnishing

Water Resistant

Moisture is a big enemy to any of wood derivatives kitchen cabinet as it may cause warping and swelling of cabinet parts. Eventually, the damaged area becomes soften and unable to support heavy load of usage.Aluminium however is totally waterproof. Any residues of moisture from damped kitchenwares will not do any harm to aluminium kitchen cabinets.

One of the fascinating physical property of aluminium that I find very intriguing is how its surface reacts with water or oxygen to form a thin oxide layer naturally. This layer protects it from water further oxidation by those same elements which is a big plus where humidity is high like Singapore where it’s practically impossible to keep moisture away. In fact, if this oxide layer get nicked any way, a new layer form very quickly naturally.


Hygiene. This is one of the important factors for families. Aluminium avoids many of the hygiene traps that for example laminated plywood suffers from. It’s smooth, non-porous surface makes it hard for bacteria and microorganisms latch on. Also, it won’t rot and feed bacteria, either.

Needless to say, you can be sure that there is totally zero chance for growth of mold or mildew on aluminium kitchen cabinets.

Chemical Resistant

Although it’s not aluminium’s strong suit, it is still resistant to weak acids and bases like those found in fruits and acidic food like tomatoes, oranges and vinegar. Aluminium is also unaffected by oil and gasoline. However, it is not resistant to strong acids, so keep bleach and strong acid cleaners away!

Fire Resistant

Anything in direct contact with fire, will burn if it gets hot enough but it take a lot to make aluminium to burst into flames! Another plus point. Under normal circumstances, aluminium melts at 660 degrees Celsius and only burns at 3826 degrees Celsius! Even a propane blowtorch can’t burn this baby, so you can be sure that your kitchen cabinet will not explode in spectacular fashion.

Materials like laminated wood though… *fire bursting sound*

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Image credit: A Star Furnishing

Pest Resistant

Those little critters that live to do a number on laminated plywood kitchen cabinet will have nothing against the aluminium! Termites enjoy snacking on the cellulose in wood, but with aluminium, that’s going to be the least of your worries. Aluminium get ignored by most pests.

The Verdict

The aluminium kitchen cabinets offers many great advantages. They provide a lightweight option that features the same versatility as wood when it comes to color and are more durable if only you are careful not to dent them.

Thinking of a revamp for your existing kitchen cabinet now? Or possibly weary of spending high repair and replacement costs? Then, give aluminium a try! If you are using other types of cabinet materials, now is the right time to incorporate Aluminium into your kitchen. Give your kitchen a face-lift today, with us at Stone Amperor.

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