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Looking for elegant marble dining tables in Singapore? Check our exquisite collection of marble dining tables at Stone Amperor today 😍

Marble Dining Table - St Laurent Artee (Stainless Steel)

This St Laurent marble dining table has orange, and gold like vein crisscross along with this pitch-black marble. Destined to be a handcrafted furnishing piece of a dining table.

Marble Dining Table - Sivec White Halfmoon

This Sivec White marble dining table is an elegant, pristine Greece white marble. Contains very little crystal rock, this ancient metamorphic rocks also has a slight pink tint colour.

Marble Dining Table - China Emperador Jasmine

This China Emperador marble dining table is a classic brown marble with dramatic veins. Amaze the beauty of this metamorphic rocks. Handcraft it into a timeless piece of a marble dining table.

Marble Dining Table - Pietra Grey Hermit

This Pietra Grey marble dining table from Turkey amazes by its uniform grey marble with the subtle white veins. It's a splendid option for dining table.

Marble Dining Table - Palisandro Soomo

This gorgeous marble dining table is made from Palisando, an Italian grey marble that resembles a flat sawn timber vein. The golden-brown grain-like mineral is enriched in this marble. At certain lighting angle, the gold glitter shimmers give this stone an elegant look.

Marble Dining Table - Nuvalato Meja

This classy marble dining table is crafted from Nuvalato, an Italian Beige Marble. It veins look like a sandy beach being washed by the waves, leaving layers of traces behind. Crafted to add instant class and elegance to your home.

Marble Dining Table - Marrone Solomon

This Marrone marble dining table has white and maroon veins that densely distributed on this black marble. Make this round dining table to poise as the centrepiece in your dining area

Marble Dining Table - Romano Classico Iroh

This elegant marble dining table is crafted from Romano Classico, a beige colour Italian marble. Customise it a singular design aesthetic of round marble dining table. Crafted to add instant prestige to your home and wow your visitors.

marble dining table panda white

If you are looking a marble dining table with authentic oriental looks, this Panda White marble dining table can bring beauty and distinction into your dining area. Panda White a pearly lustre white marble, carries jade-like vein is a premium marble from China. This marble usually can be seen in hotel settings.