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The Evolution of Granite 2020

The Evolution of Granite 2020

Granite has been used for decades as a building material, so it's hard to believe that the luxury stone just began to take over American kitchens less than 20 years ago. Homeowners now want the high-end surface because of its elegance and durability and thanks to the technology and the economy they are able to find and afford granite countertops. From its rich history to modern times, learn what needs…

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Kitchen Design Predictions for 2020

Kitchen Designs You Should Look Out For In The New Years   Kitchen designs have a pretty interesting year in 2018. We see so much colourful, solid designs in 2018, and it will set to improve in 2019. We should also mention, whatever popular kitchen designs we see making its mark in 2018 will bring forward to 2019 for its high demand and popularity.   This year we will see…

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Definitive Kitchen Guide 2018

The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2020

The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2019; A biblical guide on kitchen design and renovation! Everything from DIY to immaculate self-centered design choices, we've got you covered. Check out our round-ups on all the "HOW-TOs" to your kitchen curiosities.   The Compulsary Kitchen Guides: How To Choose The Best Stone For Your Kitchen How To Get The Right Walls For Your Kitchen & Home How To Arrange Your Kitchen Neatly How To…

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