Kompacplus For Your Kitchen Countertop | Table Top | Vanity Top | Bathroom


KompacPlus panels (KompacTop, KompacPanel, and KompacWall) are innovatively designed with precision to strike a balance between sustainability and aesthetics.

Moulded to conform to the BS EN 438 European Standards, KompacPlus panels (though only 6mm thickness) are highly resilient to wear and tear – even after years of heavy use. In fact, these state-of-the-art panels are built to last a lifetime because they are produced via a rigorous engineering process for maximum durability.

KompacPlus materials have inherently low flammability, and will not disintegrate, making it the perfect material for your kitchen countertop.

On the other hand, the waterproof and steam-proof characteristics also make Kompacplus an ideal choice for your bathrooms.

Kompacplus For Your Kitchen Countertop | Table Top | Vanity Top | Bathroom


The versatile and stylish KompacTop surface will transform your kitchen and vanity tops with elegance. Its high density and non-porous characteristics directly promote a hygienic and healthy environment.


KompacPanel is unlike the conventional “stone cold” surfacing materials – these panels create a timeless and durable warm look. Best of all, with a thickness of only 6mm, these Kompacplus panels can be installed over existing surfaces, thus eliminating the need to hack any tiles at all.


Kompacplus For Your Kitchen Countertop | Table Top | Vanity Top | Bathroom


The waterproof and steam-proof KompacWall surface makes it an ideal choice – you won’t have to worry leaking or bubbling problem even with plumbing and fittings installed within the panels. So, unlike conventional tile or veneer, KompacWall gives you the best of both worlds – aesthetics and water resistance.

Other Applications for KompacPlus

You can also choose KompacPlus for your dining tables, bay windows, etc. for a touch of sophistication. Because these versatile panels are cut from large sheets – meaning they can be tailored to fit any sizes or specifications you have in mind.

Want to have both aesthetics and sustainability for your kitchen countertop, table top, and bathroom walls? Then contact us via email or mobile to find out more today!

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