Functional & Beautiful Acrylic Surfacing Materials

Acrylic Solid Surface (Lotte Staron)

Staron® Solid Surfaces by Lotte are highly functional, beautiful, acrylic surfacing materials that come in an impressive range of variegated colors. Staron® surfaces have multiple commercial as well as residential uses, and they are tough, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. Lotte Staron® full and partial sheets are also nonporous, which means there’s nowhere for bacteria and mold to hide and grow—so you can be confident that you’ll have hygienic surfaces for all of your family’s needs.

The style and affordability of Lotte Staron® Countertop Material can transform your kitchen and bathroom into a multifaceted, designer living space, while the versatility can take its use beyond the bathroom and kitchen to create shower walls, tub and sauna decks, reception desks, bar tops, and much more. Staron® can help you meet all of your project’s needs and goals.

Features of Lotte Staron

♦ Tough

♦ Stain-resistant

♦ Easy to maintain

♦ Non-porous surface inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold 

Lotte Staron Collection


How do I care for Staron Solid Surfaces on a daily basis?

Just wipe using mild dish‐soap and water. Follow with an ammonia‐based product, such as glass cleaner, for a streak‐free shine.

Are Staron Solid Surfaces hygienic?

Yes, Staron Solid Surfaces are inherently nonporous, with smooth, impenetrable seams that make them easy to clean. Staron Solid Surfaces can be fabricated as one continuous surface to further reduce areas for bacteria to grow.

Can I place hot pans directly onto Staron Solid Surfaces?

Staron Solid Surfaces are heat‐resistant and will remain stable and undamaged up to 100ºC. However, high heat or flame can damage the surface; yet, in most cases, damage can be repaired.

Will Staron Solid Surfaces fade?

No. The acrylic resins used in Staron Solid Surfaces are unaffected by the ultraviolet rays present in natural light, so its color will not fade. However, Staron Solid Surfaces are not intended for outdoor use because of the potential for extreme weather conditions, pollutants and other contaminants.

Any Questions About Lotte Staron?

Feel free to talk to us anytime if you have any questions regarding our Lotte Staron products. We also provide installation for kitchen cabinet countertop, worktop for solid surface, granite, quartz and definitely Lotte Staron.