Kitchen Replacement Service (Singapore)

It’s been a few years since your last remodel. Some things in your kitchen aren’t working as primely. And, you want a little revamp for some “out with the old, in with the new”.

You want your kitchen to look and function as good as new. But, you don’t want a complete remodel or overhaul because of the budget. Why not have minor kitchen replacements done?

Stone Amperor has a range of kitchen replacement services to offer to keep your kitchen updated and in tip-top shape. Our kitchen replacements services focus on replacing or repairing parts of the kitchen, as opposed to remodeling or overhauling your whole kitchen.


Cabinet repair/ replacement

Kitchen Replacements-Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets run down in some parts? Have loose or squeaky doors? Or, do you smell mold forming in some places or your cabinets? Have cabinets with missing handles or stuck drawers?

Don’t worry about having a new cabinet set made. Have Stone Amperor repair or replace parts in your current one. Our cabinet services include replacing handles, doors, shelves, laminates, and drawers for you.

Stone Amperor has unique products to offer if you want your cabinets replaced. Our aluminum cabinets not only look chic but have so many added benefits to homeowners.

Aluminum cabinet benefits

  • Heat Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Rust Resistant
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Anti-Termite
  • Super Elegant
  • Highly Customizable
  • Long-Lasting Color
  • Creative Designs

Sink repair/replacement

Sink-Kitchen Replacements

Does your sink have a leak? Has it lost its luster and grown dull-looking from wear and tear over the years? Or, maybe you just want to switch up your sink for easier maintenance and cleaning.

Stone Amperor can repair or replace leaking or old sinks for you. Have them replaced to work optimally. We have the expertise to install a new one properly to ensure longevity and easy maintenance for years to come.

Stone Amperor offers some unique sink replacement products. We have the revolutionary undermount Aura sink that is specially designed to prevent leakages. And, we offer a range of seamless design looking Integrated sinks. Have it installed for elegance and easy cleaning.

Stone Amperor services will optimize your sink to prevent the possibility of leakages which may lead to underlying issues like rotting cabinets.

Cooking hood and hob replacement

Kitchen Replacements-Hobs-Hoods

Stone Amperor’s kitchen replacement services also include replacing cooking hobs and hoods. Have your cooking experience eased with proper ventilation and heavy-duty cooking hobs. Be able to be a star chef and dinner host in your own home.

We have a variety packed catalog of hoods and hobs to choose from. Get any look for any kind of use. Have a bigger family to cook for? Get a 5 or 6 burner cooking hob and a larger hood to replace your old one.

Want a sleeker, seamless theme for your kitchen? Get a concealed cooking hood to replace your old one. Get to enjoy the full cooking potential of your beautiful and functional kitchen. Certain to make even Gordon Ramsay green with envy.

Backsplash replacement


Stone Amperor even does backsplash replacements for any kitchen. Tired of your existing backsplash and want to change up the look? Is your backsplash beginning to have missing tiles and defects? Or, you’ve never had a backsplash installed before and is looking to do so?

Stone Amperor has a range of beautiful backsplashes that fit any decor preferences. Hire us to replace or install your backsplash. Get your kitchen looking beautiful and easy to clean. With Stone Amperor, enjoy great customer service and swift installation or replacement.


What can I do to revamp my kitchen without doing much?

Simply having your cabinet doors changed could totally transform your kitchen. You’d be surprised by the difference. Fool people into thinking you had a beautiful remodel by simply replacing your cabinet doors.

What’s a great way to add a flair of personality to a dull or plain kitchen?

A beautiful backsplash can do this for any kitchen. Simply choose a design or style that fits your personality and have it installed or replaced. Then, let it be the attention centerpiece or feature of your kitchen.

Does getting a new kitchen hood really make my cooking experience more comfortable?

Certainly! A new, high-performance kitchen hood will properly ventilate any kitchen. Cooking will feel less hot and laborsome. Also, worry not about odors or scents wafting into rooms and sticking to expensive upholstered furniture.

Are installment plans possible?
Yes, we do have installment plans catered to fit any payment style.

Are credit cards accepted?
Yes, credit cards are definitely accepted. Cheques, online payment, and cash are also available payment options.

If you’re interested in seeing more FAQs, head on over to our FAQ page.


What are you waiting for? Want a kitchen revamp? Want to fully utilize your kitchen? If you want to take your kitchen to another level look no further. Get a free price quote when you contact us today.