Exceptional Resistance and Stunning Beauty For Kitchen Countertop


Compac Quartz are made with up to 95% natural quartz.

It has endless design possibilities for your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, floors, walls and interior designs, definitely most of the designer choice. It has features which are truly remarkable and unique such as high durability, high hardness,zero porosity, easy to clean and many more. Compac Quartz is also highly recommended for household surfaces like kitchen countertops because it is resistant to oils and acids from food.

Compac Quartz has created a wide range of colours and textures which are able to satisfy any decorative needs.

Arik Levy the Designer

ICE OF GENESIS Compac Quartz was designed by Arik Levy the one who creates sculptural kitchen using “unbreakable” material.

“Creation is an uncontrolled muscle” once said by Arik Levy.

Arik Levy is known as an artist, a technician, a photographer, designer and also a video artist, he has multi skills and talent.

Today, his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums.

Choices of Colours

Compac Quartz Installation

I’m in love with the Compac Quartz!

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