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EcoPluz Luxury Resilient Vinyl Flooring offers you the sophistication and textures of natural hardwood without the high-end price tag. This impeccable 6mm vinyl flooring comes with great sound absorption and minimal maintenance. EcoPluz LRVF is superb in being water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-bacterial for long-lasting protection and better indoor air quality. Enjoy a comfortable constant temperature under different weather conditions with EcoPluz LRVF. The high-performing and modernistic EcoPluz LRVF is the undisputed choice for all your flooring needs.


Features of ECOPLUZ LRVF

♦ Antibacterial topcoat that is non-toxic to humans and animals

♦ 6mm thick LRVF allows better sound absorption and excellent underfoot comfort

♦ Excellent scratch resistant with 0.7mm thick Industrial Grade Wear Layer

♦ Superior stain, water and termite resistant

UV resistant to prevent color fade

♦ Ease of maintenance by regularly sweeping or using a vacuum to remove dust

♦ Eco-friendly plasticizer DOTP Dioctyl Terephthalate that is 100% recyclable

♦ No hacking required before installation

EcoPluz LRVF Collection

FAQs On EcoPluz LRVF

Is Ecopluz LRVF resistant to water and scratches?

EcoPluz LRVF is incredibly water-resistant. Its durable and protective top layer can also resist scratches, drops and spills and even stains from family pets.

Is Ecopluz LRVF easy to care and maintain?

Accredited to its high quality, durability and water-resistant features, EcoPluz LRVF ensures easy care and maintenance, keeping your luxury vinyl flooring looking as new as ever.

How to clean Ecopluz LRVF?

Sweep or use a vacuum with a non-beater bar regularly to remove dust. Clean up spills immediately and mop as needed with water and diluted floor cleaner. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on LRVF flooring.

How to prevent damage to Ecopluz LRVF?

Use blinds or drapes to block direct sunlight during peak hours. Attach felt protection pads under heavy furniture to prevent damage to flooring. Choose non-staining large surface floor protectors for heavy furniture and appliances.

Any Questions About EcoPluz LRVF?

Feel free to talk to us anytime if you have any questions regarding our EcoPluz LRVF products. We also provide installation for kitchen cabinet countertop, worktop for solid surface, granite, quartz and definitely EcoPluz LRVF.