Natural stone has always been a favourite of homeowners. Quarried directly from the earth, natural stone is cut into slabs that adorn floors, kitchens, tables, walls – even for decorative items such as carvings. Of the wide variety of natural stone available, granite and marble are probably the most popular. And because no two slabs of natural stone are ever alike, every piece put out is truly a unique work of art.



There are few materials that come close to the beauty of pure marble. Derived from the Greek “μάρμαρον” (mármaron) meaning “crystalline rock” or “shining stone”, marble lends its elegance to anything it graces, whether its floors, countertops, panels, staircases, pillars or walls.



One of the hardest minerals known to us, granite is the first choice of natural rock whenever a combination of durability and aesthetics is required. Perfectly at home indoors or outdoors, the resilience of granite is perfect for almost every application, from floors, staircases, countertops design, pavements and even tombstones.