4 Tips For Bedroom Remodelling

It is almost end of the year, are you bored of the current layout of your bedroom? Do you wish to make a change, give it a fresh look to greet the wonderful new year? You may choose to give your bedroom a facelift for any range of reasons. Facing a change in your life situation, wanting to give your parents a more comfortable space? Perhaps you just want to rent your space so you want it to look the very best.  

Besides all the reasons, there are numerous benefits you can get from revamping your bedroom and creative remodelling can be an exciting venture. First, you get to clean up the room when you move the furniture out and before you rearrange them.

Lifespan of a furniture will extend when you maintain their quality thoroughly. Fittings with minor defects that need to be repaired will be noticeable too. Secondly, home efficiency can improve. You can pick the important furniture to stay and sell or give away the excessive ones. Third, you get extra income when you rent out any room that is not in use.

You will increase the value of the property and soon get the return of investment after the renovation. There are many other advantages of modifying your bedroom, but let’s learn what to take into account to ensure you accomplish your desired makeover.




Ideally, the floor plan should be designed around the furniture. After all, the furniture determines the activity in your bedroom (apart from sleeping). Bed frame and the mattress usually take the most of the space as the main furniture in a bedroom.

You might have a working table set for regular freelance work, for reading or as a gaming area. This section arrangement should be sticked to a corner against the wall to save space and make your room look spick and span.

Adequate size of wardrobe, cupboard and shelf are must-have to keep your belonging in place. They should not take more than thirty percent of your room total capacity, or it will look disordered otherwise. Unutilised furniture will also occupy too much space of your room, cause the room to look and feel overcrowded. So only keep the ones you need.




Bedroom flooring is an intimate surface for us, in view of the fact that it is the first thing our feet will step down on every morning, and the last thing they will lift off of before climbing into bed each night. Inspect the condition of your current flooring, especially in the corner and also the surface material.

Remove the moveable carpet to see if any part of it is cracked. Skip this and proceed to next step if the flooring of your room is perfectly fine. If it is not, do contact your contractor to restore a proper one or change a new material. Hardwearing materials for floor surface are tiles, marble and slate.



Furniture Condition

After a layout is properly planned and flooring is polished, you may start moving out the furniture to clean or mopping the surface thoroughly. Reposition the furniture after cleaning. If any of your furniture is not in good order, it is highly recommended to fix it immediately or consider changing a new one, depending on the condition.

There are many types of material on the market. Marble, quartz and granite are among the durable and aesthetic materials for the tabletop. For a side table, a solid surface is one of the good selection. One important thing in your layout is to measure the room for walking and moving around. The distance between furniture should be at least a few feet away, from every side.


For a bedroom with a bathroom connected, do check the condition of a bathtub, vanity top, shower and other fittings and accessories. Mend or replace any broken item in the bathroom for safety purposes. Materials that are suitable for a bathroom are solid surface, marble and granite as they are water-resistant after sealing and proper installation.




There are a few reasons why ventilation is more crucial today than it used to be. Most importantly, houses 100 years ago were quite leaky. Usually, they didn’t have insulation on the walls, so fresh air could easily penetrate through all the gaps, cracks, and holes in the building envelope. However, our home cannot really ‘’breathe’’ in current housing materials.

Without sufficient movement of fresh air and sunlight, your bedroom will be humid and bacteria can easily grow. The other easy way to promote a healthy level of ventilation is to clean your fan and air-conditioner. Both of them remove heat from the air and constantly circulate the air in the home. This continuous exchange of air gets rid of stale air and fumes, replacing it with cleaner air. If they are full of dirt and stuck with dust, the air in your room is the same.

Keep your room doors and windows open during the daytime if the situation allows (somebody is at home). Natural air is the most effective and energy saving ventilation method. You can install a mosquito proof window net to accommodate room ventilation and insect-free environment, killing two birds with one stone! In addition, you can place a small plant in your bedroom for a better supply of oxygen.

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