10 Other Areas Quartz Perform Perfectly Well Besides Kitchen Countertop

Quartz might be your favourite stone and you wish to use it everywhere, likewise!

Quartz Stone

Look at the charming piece of Quartz stone, shines beautifully with its magnificent transparency and unique shades like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst Quartz. Quartz is a rare mineral in nature that has multi-colours and irregular shapes. It is a versatile non-porous surface resistant to flexing, abrasion and acids. Good news is that this high-end material requires very minimal maintenance.

These few significant features of Quartz you need to know to help you choose wisely:

  • Rigidity. Quartz is one of the hardest material among other natural substances. Displaying a high wear and scratch resistance with mineral of 7 Mohs hardness and as such, it is an excellent abrasive material.
  • Appearance. Its distinctive lustre under a different level of brightness makes it exceptionally admirable by billion pairs of eyes. Shapes ranging from a hexagon, pyramid, twinned, complex, cube to a prism. Because quartz countertops are engineered, almost any type of colour can be brought out to the surface by means of pigmentation.
  • Brands. Top Quartz brands available in Singapore and Malaysia are Stone Italiana, Caesarstone and I-Quartz. Stone Italiana focuses its designs based on patterns found in the natural world. Caesarstone prides itself with its meticulous attention to the manufacturing process of its products. While iQuartz emphasizes on three qualities: durable, attractive and affordable.
  • Healing. Many meditation practitioners use place Quartz in the room for it produce positive energy to the room and believe that it is beneficial for work and study time. Some types of Quartz are trusted to balances emotions, enhances attitudes, get rid of anger or fear and dispels stress too.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop

Women used to be the commanders who decide the kitchen countertop material all the time, whether for your new house, renovation, makeover or whatever you call it. But it’s different now! Men seem to play with the pots and pans more than women as compared to 10 years back. So, either one party gets to decide his or her favourite material, which Quartz is the dominant trend in the market 2017 to 2020. It is also one of the most-preferred material for top interior designers in the region. Don’t forget to check out promotions available.

Even though Quartz can be the most lasting material for kitchens, there is no harm knowing more what it can do for your residence or commercial building with countless designs and tones to go with. Let’s go!

  1. Vanity top

    Quartz Vanity Top

If you are a busy bee or an outdoor person who leave the house before sunrise and come home after overtime or visiting a project site, perhaps bathroom is where you have a peace of mind. A sleek vanity top improves your quality of life and compliments the lifestyle you live in!

2. Bathtub

Usually after a long day at work, your body craves for a relaxing moment. A steamy bath could have a couple of health benefits similar to those produced by exercise, according to a recent study. Research published in the journal Temperature found that an hour-long soak in hot water produced similar anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses as 60 minutes of moderate physical activity.

Quartz bathtubs are especially good for you and your family because of its healing benefits!

  1. Dining table

Quartz Dining Table

Quartz dining tables carry the true warmth to your dream house where you lovely family members are. It is any-age-friendly for meals because of its scratch and heat resistance. Cleaning tips: Mild soap, water and soft cloth after a feast will do. Moms love it!

  1. Drawer Top and Knob

Where you keep your personal stuffs, keys, and household tools, a tough drawer top is a must to have, whereas Quartz knobs add a little spark and taste to the room.


  1. Window Frame

Quartz Window Frame

A solid window frame provides the best security and defence for your castle (better than your bodyguards). There are various designs available to suit house owner’s liking.

Due to its stain and dust resistance, Quartz window sills make your spring cleaning so much easier and faster!

  1. Coffee Table

Quartz Coffee Table

Does tea time with your close ones for chitchat and laughter sounds good? Then you would certainly fancy an elegant Quartz coffee table to place your homemade delicacies.

Don’t forget that food and coffee stains don’t stick on Quartz surfaces.

  1. Working Table

Apart from a relaxing bathtub and a chilling coffee table, a workaholic like you (and me) need a stable working desk to do researches, reports and complete daily tasks from home or office.

  1. Chandelier

Quartz Chandelier

If you have seen one before, you know how impressive and stunning they are! Quartz chandelier often selected by 5 stars hotels or the royal family, represent the high-status.

You can now practically own one too at reasonable price.

  1. Feature Wall

Quartz Feature Wall

Interior designers should know: a feature wall in your house areas bring out attitude and personality. It can be behind your television or bed, as a partition between the dining room and living hall or a corner in your study room or a café. Need ideas?

  1. Jewelleries

Quartz Jewelleries

Quartz Watch

Didn’t you hear that quartz stones can also make something else? If you have your important ones’ birthday or anniversary coming up, why not gift him or her a Quartz watch, ring, bracelet or decorative item? Sincerity and love messages will be transmitted utterly through these presents. Check out on-going promotions!

Quartz has many more uses and functions too. You may get in touch with our consultants through any of below channels:

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