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Whether you spend a lot of time making foods in the kitchen or reheat ready to eat meals, these tips are definitely worth to take a look at.

1. Scooping A Broken Egg Shell

I’m sure, it happens to you before. Rather than scoop the brown pieces that fell into your bowl using your bare hand, you can use the bigger egg shell to scoop it out. Not messy and effective.

Stone Amperor Egg Shell

2. Test Egg Freshness

Speaking about the egg, of course you always want to get the fresh eggs every day. Put it into a glass of water if you are uncertain about its freshness. If it sits at the bottom, it is still quite fresh and the range could be from 1-12 days. If it floats, it may be not as fresh as you think an egg is porous, air will slowly get in that’s why it will be lighter.

Stone Amperor Egg Test

3. Freeze Your Leftover Sauce

Instead of wasting your leftover sauce, freeze it in ice cube tray and once it frozen, you can put it to a freezer bag. You can reheat it next time when you need the sauce.

Stone Amperor Sauce

4. Freeze Your Ice Pops

Does your child love ice pops? Well, don’t you hate it when cutting the ice pops and your scissors become sticky because of the syrup? From now on, you can place it upright so you can get a clean cut at the top.

Stone Amperor Ice Pops

5. Freeze Your Ice Cream In A Bag

Before put your ice cream in the freezer, put them in a plastic freezer bag. This will keep the cold air away and it prevents your ice cream to become hard as a rock. Try this to keep your ice cream soft!

Stone Amperor Ice Cream

6. Reheat Pasta Effectively

Rather than stirring pasta several times when you reheat it, try creating a small empty circle in the middle of your pasta. This will make your pasta heated evenly.

Stone Amperpor Pasta

7. Keep Still Cutting Board From Sliding

It would be very dangerous if your cutting board keep sliding when you are cutting. To avoid that, place a wet paper towel under it so it won’t move.

Stone Amperor Cutting Board

8. Peeling Garlic Without Getting Your Hand Smells

Instead of getting a garlic smelly hands for the next few days, use this easy method to peel your garlic. Smash the garlic with the bottom of ceramic bowls, then put the garlic inside small food storage containers and shake it. That’s it and your garlic will be peeled.

Stone Amperor Garlic

9. Keep Your Lettuce Fresh Much Longer

Dry your lettuce and put it in a bowl. Then place a dry paper towel over it, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. The paper towel will absorb the moisture and your lettuce will be fresh for a week.

Stone Amperor Lettuce

10. Flossing Food

Use this when you want to cut even layers of cake or cheese. Get your unscented dental floss and save the trouble. It will do the same thing as cheese wire.

Stone Amperor Flossing Food

Hope all these tricks can help and make your life much easier. Stay tuned for our next tips and tricks.

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