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10 Kitchen Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life 10 X Easier

Whether you spend a lot of time making foods in the kitchen or reheat ready to eat meals, these tips are definitely worth to take a look at.   1. Scooping A Broken Egg Shell I’m sure, it happens to you before. Rather than scoop the brown pieces that fell into your bowl using your bare hand, you can use the bigger egg shell to scoop it out. Not messy…

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Countertop Replacement

Countertop Replacement: 5 Things You Need to Remember

Image Source: Have you ever thought of doing some countertop replacement? Well, as strong as your countertop is, it will show some ageing eventually. The surface may not be as smooth as when you bought it, scratches will show, burn marks will be left from burning pots, and so on. Furthermore, scratches will make your kitchen top prone to bacteria, so it’s not safe for foods and of course your children. Rather than risk your family…

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clever kitchen storage hacks

13 Clever & Simple Storage Hacks for Your Kitchen Top & Cabinets (updated 2018)

Maintaining Your Kitchen Top & Cabinets Can Be A Breeze (Not A Chore)   You've gone through the hassle of hunting, designing, and bargaining for the perfect kitchen top. You enjoy cooking and baking for your family every day, and showing off your gorgeous kitchen to your friends and relatives during their short visits and special occasions. But we both know there's the other side of the coin... the tiring…

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How Dekton is made?

Since 2013, architects and designers around the world have been using "Dekton", the ultra compact surface created by Cosentino, that has revolutionized the world of interior and exterior surfaces.         Dekton has extraordinary aesthetic, and above all, technical characteristics. It is highly resistant to scratches and both high and low temperatures. It is almost completely impervious to liquids, so it doesn't get stained. It has high mechanical…

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5 Kitchen Storage Solutions That Are Borderline Genius…

Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions You'll Love Did you know that the average adult spends more than three years of their life in the kitchen? With so much time spent in this culinary workshop, you'd expect it to function like a well-oiled machine. However, with most kitchens being so poorly optimized, the reality for most people is that preparing a meal can feel more like a tiresome game of Tetris as…

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My Living Interior Design

Office Countertop: 10 Amazing Ideas for 2018

The countertop is one of the important elements that you need to carefully choose when decorating your office. But how about the ideas or the design? Well, if you are having a trouble of finding ideas for your office countertop, we have curated some of the best ideas that you can use for your office even other commercial use like restaurant countertops and school countertops. For more information on each different materials of…

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kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Ideas Singapore – 7 Clever & amp; Practical Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas (Singapore) for Your HDB, Condominium or Landed House       Whether your kitchen requires an immediate renovation, an improvement on certain facilities or you are hungry for a cooler design (as you have more budget to spend now than when you first moved in), you need innovative and up-to-date ideas to start planning. Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It can be colour themed, luxury, farmhouse,…

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Pros and Cons of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets

Aluminium kitchen cabinet is a great choice for your kitchen if you have (or are planning for) a contemporary interior design for your home. If you wish to infuse your unique preference and personality, you can choose aluminium kitchen cabinets for easy customization of colors, designs, and styles to match your quartz and solid surface countertop. Also, the aluminium kitchen cabinet helps you to create space and incorporating ample storage…

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