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Kitchen Feng Shui 2019: Everything You Need To Know For This CNY

Kitchen Feng Shui 2019: Everything You Need To Know For This CNY

CNY 2019 is upon us and it’s the year of the Earth Pig

This time, we’re talking about the principle of Feng Shui. Stereotypical, we know, but Feng Shui does have its fair share of believers and practitioners even in the West. That being said, you won’t be losing out on a lot by adopting some Feng Shui principles in your kitchen.

Who knows? You might even get more Ong (Or perhaps we should say Oink?) this year with our kitchen design tips focusing on Feng Shui. Preamble aside, here are everything you need to know about kitchen Feng Shui for Chinese New Year 2019. Let’s get started! 

1. Colors
2. Arrangement
3. Positioning
4. Maintenance
5. Other Minor Feng Shui Matters to Take Into Consideration

1. Colors

The Earth Pig’s intrinsic elements are water and wood. Therefore, warm, earthy, cool and feminine tones are in for Feng Shui.

Whereas, elements that will be periodically deficient are fire and metal. But, they also need to be apparent within your home to reinforce the water and wood elements.

To symbolize water, incorporate cool blue tones in your kitchen design. Use earthy browns and greys, as well as warm yellows and oranges too. All of which are colors of the wood element.

Water and wood are feminine elements. And, the Earth Pig is a docile animal who can bring no harm to others. Therefore, incorporate pinks to display this femininity and softness.

To symbolize the fire element, have reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows in your kitchen design. Whereas, white symbolizes the metal element.

Lastly, a Feng Shui friendly kitchen design for the new year needs to push forth the traits of the Earth pig. So, choose colors that exude comfort, femininity, simplicity, tranquility, and functionality. These will please the Earth Pig.

Looking to get a kitchen makeover for the new year but want to do it to optimize Feng Shui? The following are lucky colors for the year of 2019.

Pretty in Pinks: Go Femme!

Pinks portrays the Wood element of the Earth Pig. But, it portrays the femininity of the element. In addition, pinks portray the docility and softness of the Earth Pig.

Dusty, rosy, pastel, lilac or peach pinks are ideal for Feng Shui in 2019. Pinks add sophistication and elegance to any kitchen without compromising softness. They make a kitchen look wispy and romantic.

For added femininity, incorporate florals in your kitchen decor. And, note that pinks pair exquisitely with greys, another recommended color. They also go well with white or pastel yellow, other lucky colors.

Pinks are lucky for those born in the year of the rooster, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, and horse. But, those born in the year of the snake and horse should lean to more lilac or purplish shades of pink.

Pinks bring all zodiac signs luck in 2019 so don’t avoid pinks in your kitchen design.

Blue Hues: Coastally Blue

The earth pig for 2019 has an intrinsic Water element to it. And, a peaceful river flowing through farmlands represents it.  So, blue tones portray this Water element within your kitchen.

Incorporate blue hues. Anywhere from stark Azure blue to pastel sky blue. It is discreet and elegant. Push forth notes of tranquility and calmness with blue tones.

Keep it subtle and simple to please the Earth Pig. As the pig is a simple creature. Play with blue appliances or accents in your kitchen. Blue accents also happen to be a trending design element in 2019.

Blues are an especially lucky color for those born in the year of the rat, snake, goat, dog, and pig. However, those born in the year of the tiger, dragon, and monkey need to steer clear of cyan in their kitchen.

Push Forth Neutrality and Simplicity: Down to Earth Browns and Greys

Since 2019 is the year of the Earth pig, earthy tones will satisfy the pig. These same earthy tones portray the wood element too. Pigs are simple, calm creatures so mellow tones make them comfortable.

Adding earthy tones to your kitchen will boost its Feng Shui. Tones like browns or greys do this well. They make your kitchen feel warm, tranquil, down to earth and comfortable. All of which are traits associated with Earth pig. Try making your cabinets or countertops more earthy as they are major elements within any kitchen.

The only earthy tone that doesn’t bode well with a zodiac is beige for those born in the year of the rat. Otherwise, browns and greys instigate great Feng Shui within any kitchen.

Browns and greys are lucky for those born in the year of the tiger, rabbit, dragon, horse, rooster, dog, and pig.

Easy on the Passionate Reds: Bright or Dark

Red is meant to symbolize the Fire element of the Earth Pig and push forth femininity. As a fire color, red is recommended for better Feng Shui in 2019.

Red can serve as an energy stabilizer within your kitchen. But, use it very sparingly as it is associated with destruction, something we want to avoid in the kitchen. Pair red with earth tones to negate the fire element.

Red has a great association with luck and is a lure for positive energy. It pushes an air of elegance and femininity within any kitchen. The feminine trait is associated with the Earth Pig.

This color is popular year after year. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate it properly into your kitchen. Try getting a red backsplash or feature wall.

Reds are lucky for the monkey, ox, rabbit, and goat. Like blue, it also doesn’t have to be avoided by any sign.

Bright and Warm Colors Exude Comfort: Oranges and Yellows

Feng Shui masters say warm yellows and oranges should be incorporated in your decor. They are earthy colors. Earthy colors are recommended for good Feng Shui in a kitchen. They also represent the fire element to your kitchen.

Pair these with water element colors like blue or black to negate the fire element. Yellows and oranges pair well with wood and classic furniture. They add the right pop to make your kitchen look stylish, lively, and contemporary. Touches can bring a unique Mediterranean vibe to your kitchen.

For the most provoking atmosphere, blend tones of orange. Feng Shui masters advise emphasizing on apricot or saffron.

Shades of yellow and orange are lucky for those born in the year of the rat, tiger, and horse. These colors don’t need to be avoided by any zodiac sign.

If all else fails, White on White!

White symbolizes the Metal element to the Earth pig of 2019. It’s also an energy balancing color like red. And, neutralizes most elements.

White is an extremely versatile decor color and pairs with any of the other Feng Shui colors. Accent it with the other Feng Shui colors like red, orange, blue or pink. Combine it with red to neutralize the fire element symbolized by red.

It also matches wonderfully with earthy browns and soft greys. This can give that elegant minimalist look to your Feng Shui kitchen.

White is lucky for those born in the year of the rat, tiger, snake, horse, monkey, and pig. It’s one of the safest color bets. With an exception for those born in the year of the rabbit as it is unlucky for them.

Lucky Colours For Each Zodiac Sign

2. Arrangement

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Like your new clothes, new shoes, and everything else in between, your kitchen needs a new facelift. And what better way to usher in the auspicious Year of the Pig by giving your kitchen some upgrades in the looks department.

How does one go about doing that you may ask? It’s simple, you don’t have to spend a ton on renovations and upgrades. Sometimes moving things around, and getting some simple decorations will do the trick!

Floor Plans

kitchen stove bathroom clash

Kitchen stove facing toilet should be avoided. Image via

Let’s get the big one out of the way first. Generally speaking, the position of your kitchen in your home will affect its Feng Shui. This tip is obviously not for homeowners who have limited resources and time. You won’t get a perfect Feng Shui floor plan unless you are building a home from scratch. But if you are, you can position each room, windows, and doors precisely where you want them to create an ideal flow of positive energy.

Things To Avoid for Your Floor Plans

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Off the top of our heads, one of the worst things you could do Feng Shui-wise is to place your kitchen close to your front door. What we mean is, try not to have your kitchen be the first space you enter when you go through the front door. In other words, this scenario will only apply to a floor plan where you literally have to come into the home through the kitchen.

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If this unfortunate floor plan is unavoidable, we’d suggest placing something nice-looking in your kitchen to offset the bad juju. A kitchen island with some flowers or a little herb garden on it will do the trick.

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Otherwise, another big Feng Shui no-no is to place the kitchen anywhere near a bathroom. Logically speaking, you wouldn’t want the aromatic contents of your bathroom anywhere near your food, would you?

From a Feng Shui perspective, the bathroom is considered an exit path for energy flow. You do not want the fire energy of your kitchen to directly flow out through your bathroom. Also, the bathroom symbolizes the water element which is in direct contrast and can douse the fire energies of your kitchen.

More Things To Avoid For Your Kitchen Design Plans

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As if that wasn’t enough, there are also other problem spots in your home that you should know. For example, staircases have opposing energy to kitchens and are best kept from each other. A kitchen in proximity to a laundry room or garage is also another example. Also, your kitchen should not be placed under a bedroom unless your kitchen ceilings are high.

Last but not least, a kitchen in the exact centre of the home is not recommended. We often say that “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” But in this case, you do not want your heart on fire, figuratively of course. The solution is simple, just place your kitchen slightly off centre and you’ll be good.

Things You Should Incorporate In Your Kitchen

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Now let’s look at how to improve your kitchen’s positive energy. A good Feng Shui rule of thumb is to follow the classic triangle principle. Basically, your kitchen appliances and furniture should form a work triangle. Most people use an oven, a fridge, and a sink to form this kitchen triangle. This Feng Shui principle is well-known and used by a lot of kitchen designers, so we’d hazard a guess that it’s also good for your kitchen.

On the other hand, a lesser-known principle is to always avoid having your oven positioned such that you cook with your back facing the door.

Kitchen Appliance Arrangements

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We’ve so far covered the heavy stuff (literally), so what are the minor things you could do to improve your Feng Shui?

Firstly, you could take a look at your stove’s location. When we mention stove, we’re also including small cooking appliances. Think ovens, microwaves, and rice cookers.

The Dos

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If you own a kitchen island, some Feng Shui experts recommended that you place your stove on it. Experts believe that placing your stove on the centre island of your kitchen allows the cook to prepare meals in a command position. Not unlike having your bed placed in a command position, this arrangement gives you a sense of security because you’ll have the vision of the entire kitchen.

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Alternatively, other experts believe this not to be the case. In particular, Asian Feng Shui experts say that having your stove on your kitchen island is a bad idea because its back is not protected by a wall.

The stove is considered a key element of the kitchen, and these experts say that it should have its back against a wall. Some may say that kitchen islands make it hard to accumulate wealth, and others say that it can affect your food in a bad way.

Whatever the case is, there’s no clear indication on which is better. In this case, it all boils down to your personal preference.

Moreover, your stove should also face one of your lucky directions. To be more specific, the stove should be facing the opposite direction that you face when you cook.

The Don’ts

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We’ve already said that you should not place your kitchen anywhere near your bathroom/toilet. More specifically, your stove should not be placed under your toilets. The idea here is that the toilet’s water energy can affect the stove’s fire energy. Though, this only applies if the stove is directly under a toilet i.e. under the toilet bowl.

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In a similar vein, it’s recommended that you do not place your stove near (less than one to two feet apart) sources of water elements. In the kitchen, the source of water is generally the sink. Having this setup will cause both opposing energies to conflict. And this could bring about health issues, deterioration in your relationships, etc. So if your stove and sink are facing each other or are next to each other, we’d suggest moving your stove somewhere else.

Images via,

If you’re unable to move your stove, then we’d suggest placing an “island” between the two. Wood elements such as a green rug or mat would be an excellent option for this purpose.

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Other than that, beams are notorious in Feng Shui because they bring suppressive Qi. So avoid placing your stove under beams and you’ll avoid the dastardly fluctuating Qi from affecting you and your family.

Other Arrangement Considerations

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Here are some other tips for you to improve your Feng Shui in your kitchen:

  • Keep your kitchen simple and clutter-free.
  • Keep fresh greenery in your kitchen. They bring about a natural, uplifiting energy to your kitchen. A vase of flowers, living plants, or even a bowl of fruits would do wonderfully.
  • The kitchen should be a mirror-free zone. Mirrors have the ability to amplify the fire element’s energy, which can disrupt and cause imbalances in your life. Though, there are some believers that think mirrors in the kitchen can double their wealth. So take this advice with a pinch of salt.
  • Keep your kitchen well-ventilated. A smoky kitchen is not only bad for your Feng Shui, but also your health.
  • Keep your knives out of sight. Knives are sharp objects that have their own form of negative energy. Besides, you wouldn’t want the young ones to get a hold of them, would you?

Realistically speaking, it’ll be hard to get all your bases covered. What’s important to note is that you’ll mostly be working with the existing energy flow patterns in your abode. We’d suggest surveying your home before you start, and identify any negative energy that is present. You can then work from there to “cure” your home of this negativity.

3. Positioning

Kitchen Fengshui 2019

Image via Pixabay

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it plays a VERY vital role in residential Feng Shui. The position, design and Feng Shui fundamentals of your kitchen are all considered very, very important in a good Feng Shui floor plan.

As a matter of fact, your kitchen is part of the so-called Feng Shui trinity ; the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen – because of its major importance for your health and well-being.

The ancient Chinese art of placement, or better known as Feng Shui, is a practice aimed at producing a healthy flow of energy in your home and the rock for a balanced, life in harmony.

Good and the Bad Feng Shui Floor Plans

Floor Plan Feng Shui

Image via Pixabay

Your ability to create a perfect Feng Shui floor plan obviously will be limited unless you are building a home from scratch. Also, if you are able to position each room and all the windows and doors exactly where you want them.

In a home that is on a rock hard foundation, do work on the existing energy flow patterns by putting a plus on the positives and find “cures” for any negative energy inclination that are present.

If you are building a home from a ground up, though, or if you are undergoing a major remodeling project, you have the privilege of choosing the position of the kitchen-other rooms as well-exactly where you want it to be in the overall floor plan.

These are the few things to keep in mind if you want to work with the position of the kitchen for a great Feng Shui floor plan. This often means averting certain pitfalls that obstruct Feng Shui energy flow. 

Below are some things to bear in mind about working with the kitchen position for an excellent Feng Shui floor plan. This often means averting certain pitfalls that obstruct Feng Shui energy flow.

Get That Kitchen Awaaaaayyyy from The Front Door

Having a kitchen as you step into the front door has got to be the worst Feng Shui positioning for a kitchen.

Of course, this applies only to a floor plan that welcomed you with a kitchen, literally. This does not apply when the kitchen is at the back of the house in the floor plan and can only be seen partially from the front entrance.

When this deplorable floor plan cannot be avoided, of course there still scenario that is worse or better. An oven, for example, if it can be seen or aligned from the front door, it is seen as a malevolent Feng Shui.

What do you think would be better? Of course a house with a nice view of your kitchen, such as a kitchen island with some flowers or a little herb garden on it, which automatically can tip the balance towards better Feng Shui.

It is a bit better if you’re presented with a nice view of your kitchen, such as a kitchen island with some flowers or a little herb garden on it, which can tip the balance toward better Feng Shui.

If you want to try to remedy the Feng Shui of a bad kitchen layout, especially since it is hard to move a stove, you can explore various Feng Shui cures.

Recommended to Keep The Bathroom in Proximity to the Kitchen

One more location that is bad Feng Shui magnet is where the kitchen is located. If it is under the bathroom or if the kitchen is facing the bathroom door, a strict NO NO..

The reason here involves plain common sense (and scents) since you do not want the pungent smell of the bathroom to mingle with the aroma of your scrumptious food.

Also, since the kitchen is a place where fire energy feeds the home, you do not want that energy to directly flow out through the bathroom, which is considered a place of exit. Finally, the bathroom is considered a water element that directly competes with the fires of the kitchen and can hose down the flames.

Likewise, since the kitchen is where fire vitality bolsters the home, you don’t need that vitality to straightforwardly stream out through the washroom, which is viewed as a position of exit. At long last, the washroom is viewed as a water component that straightforwardly contends with the flames of the kitchen and can soak the flares.

Other Problem Spots to Think Of

Other somewhat problematic locations for a kitchen include:

  • A kitchen very close to the staircase. These two energies are opposite each other and are best kept away from each other.
  • A kitchen location very close to the laundry room or the garage. This is a more moderately challenging situation, since these scenarios are fairly easy to work with and improve.
  • A kitchen in the exact center of the house. You do not want your heart on fire. All that is necessary is for the kitchen to be slightly off center from the heart of the home.

There are several elements that are important in the actual design of the kitchen. A good Feng Shui rule of thumb for the layout of a kitchen is to follow the classic kitchen triangle principle, where the oven, the refrigerator, and the sink form a work triangle.

This principle of good Feng Shui is well known and used by most kitchen designers, whether they are Feng Shui practitioners or not. A lesser-known principle, but one very important for Feng Shui, is to avoid having your oven positioned so that you cook with your back to the door.

Other Considerations

If you have a blank slate when designing the layout of your home, then some other areas that are important to consider include:

4. Maintenance

In Feng Shui, kitchen is considered one of most important rooms of the home. It is where we spend our time to prepare meals that nurture our bodies and souls. It should be clean and well-lit for friends and family to gather and connect. Since our health is so important, kitchen is also connected to wealth, as poor health will hinder our ability to make a living. Therefore, here are 7 maintenance tips to facilitate your kitchen’s Feng Shui.

Ensure kitchen things work properly

Ensure kitchen things work properly

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This seems obvious, but it’s quite vital for a Feng Shui kitchen. Everything from maintaining cupboard doors to close all the way to easily opened drawers, works together for the good of the whole kitchen. Not to mention that ensuring a well-functioning kitchen represents that a person is capable of maintaining and caring for themselves, too.

Respect the kitchen stove

Respect the kitchen stove

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As a significant Feng Shui symbol of wealth, the stove is a powerful appliance and requires particular respect. Keep the stove clean and in excellent condition. Rotate through the burners to draw positive energy into your space and life. Besides, put a reflective metal piece behind the stove to reflect the light and warmth of the stove. This is also helpful if you have your back to the door while cooking, so you can see what is going on behind through the metal piece.

Keep it clean

Keep the kitchen clean

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Feng Shui places great importance on cleanliness, particularly in spaces that involve health so directly like the kitchen. Without a doubt, the kitchen floor should be swept and mopped frequently to fit for that purpose. In your regular kitchen cleaning, removing items from cabinets, drawers and countertops to give them a good wipedown. While you’re at it, you may as well organize your kitchen items so your kitchen functions more efficiently and satisfactorily.

Keep it clutter-free

Keep the kitchen clutter-free

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Kitchen is a magnet for everything to land. Indeed, it has the tendency to become a catch-all in a busy-home life, more so for the kitchen countertops. A general rule of thumb in Feng Shui is to keep only appliances that you actually use, need and love on the countertop. Discipline yourself to keep objects off the countertop that you do not use on a daily basis. Everything else that will look and feel like clutter should be stored in kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Store knives out of sight

Store knives out of sight

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Feng Shui determines that knives inherently make people feel uncomfortable at best, threatening and vulnerable at worst. Hence, while it is currently popular to store knives along a wall-mounted magnetic strip or in a butcher block, it is best to keep sharp kitchen knives appropriately and tuck them out of sight in a drawer. This is also safer pertaining to a Feng Shui kitchen.

Don’t forget wood element

Don’t forget wood element

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Homeowners often forget to incorporate wood element into their kitchen. In fact, it’s not as hard as imagined. You don’t need to overhaul your cabinets to be wood or anything like that. Wood elements could be something as simple as placing fruit into a wooden bowl on the kitchen countertop. Even leaving a wooden cutting board or butcher block visible (as long as you actually use it, of course) would easily do the trick.

Bring in the earthy elements

Bring in the earthy elements

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In most kitchen makeover projects today, a generally desired choice for kitchen countertops is often black granite or marble surfaces. However, considering the strong elements of fire and water present in the kitchen, black is less recommended as it represents the water element and would lead to excess in this form of energy.

Therefore, it is always good to mix lighter, more earthy colors if your kitchen is predominantly black. You can introduce pottery to maximize your kitchen’s earthiness. What’s more, natural light also plays an harmonious role in the overall interior.

5. Other Minor Feng Shui Matters to Take Into Consideration

Feng Shui and kitchen stoves

Image via Pixabay

Do not place stoves under toilets

The reason why kitchen stoves are not suitable to be placed under toilets is because the toilet’s water can affect the stove’s fire energy. It’s only applicable if your stove is positioned directly under the toilet bowl. To mention, it’s actually not a big concern if your kitchen has a high ceiling. If your toilet bowl is directly above your stove, but your kitchen ceiling is 15ft high then it’s not a big issue.

Image via Pixabay

If your ceiling is not high enough, remedy it by moving your stove to another location. It may be costly, however. If you are not experiencing any setbacks in life, this “cure” is not necessary.

Stoves in the centre of your kitchen

Image via Pixabay

Stoves placed in the middle of the kitchen have garnered some debates among Feng Shui masters. Having stoves positioned in the centre of your kitchen allows you to prepare your meals in a command position. That would be ideal and preferable.

Having your stove placed in the centre of the kitchen is similar to having your bed placed on a command position. The position will give you a sense of security because you have vision of the entire kitchen area. You may even get a view of your living room too.

Having a back-splash at behind your stove

This is a follow up from point 1b. Majority of Feng Shui masters and experts from Asia says having a stove in the middle of your kitchen is a bad idea. Your stove should have a wall, or formally called a back-splash, behind it. 

Image via Pixabay

Your stove is the key element of the kitchen, like the bed of the bedroom. Or the desk for the study room. And that couch in the living room. It all have its back against a wall, and that’s the basic idea behind it. Some Feng Shui masters say that a centre positioned stove makes it difficult for you to accumulate wealth, get married, or have children. Another expert say “Qi” can come from multiple angles to the stove and affect the food. Hence, bringing health issues.

The conflicting information from different experts may be due to architectural differences and preferences in different continents. Some would prefer a stove placed in the middle of the kitchen. Some prefer having a wall behind their stoves. It all comes down to personal preference.

Do not have kitchen doors facing your stove

This Feng Shui is largely popular in Asia. Most kitchens in Asia have architectural designs where the kitchen is walled off instead of being in an open air.

Image via Pixabay

According to Asia-based Feng Shui masters, having the kitchen door aligned with the stove forms a mini T-junction. The incoming “Qi” from the door is said to affect the food, hence your health. The solution is simple, and that is to move the stove to another location.

Stove location and direction relative to house’s facing direction

Image via Pixabay

This rule is not really commonly seen. Let’s say your stove is at the back of the house, and its direction is opposite to that of the house’s facing direction. If your stove is in this direction, you will have a potential of losing a lot of wealth. Your stove’s facing direction is the opposite direction you face when you cook.

Keep in mind your house’s facing direction. Sometimes it’s not the same direction as the direction of your front door.

Avoid having beams above your stove or cooking area


Image via Pixabay

Beams are well known for bringing bad “Qi” in Feng Shui. It can be remedied by large, upward growing plants, but plants are not suitable in the kitchen area. In Feng Shui, it’s believed that not only do beams harm the cook, it also cause fluctuations of “Qi”. If the stove or cooking area is continuously being put under stoves, its Feng Shui can be violently affected and bring ups and downs to the family.

Stove facing or located next to water elements

This happens when the sink and kitchen stove face each other and forms a straight line. When this happens, the sink’s water element and stove’s fire element will conflict. Having this can bring health issues, make couples quarrel, or see a decline in intimacy between couples. If shifting the stove cannot be done, then placing an island between works. Another Feng Shui expert says wood element can be used as a cure. By that, they meant placing a green rug or mat between the stove and the sink.


Image via Pixabay

Also, if your stove and your sink are next to each other, there will be clashes in Feng Shui between the two. That can cause relationship problems in relationships such as infidelity. If your sink and stove are 1-2 feet apart, there will not be a problem with clashes between fire and water element.

Have as many stoves as you like

Image via Pixabay

Some followers of Feng Shui are big on numerology. For your information, Feng Shui has little to do with numerology. Having said that, the number of stoves you own do not matter. Whether the stove you own, or will be owning, is gas or electrical depends on personal preference. Not dependable on Feng Shui.

Plates and Feng Shui in your kitchen

Image via Pixabay

This one is pretty straightforward. If you have to choose a plate colour for your kitchen, why not choose white? The colour white is the best option as it has the best energy foundation. The reason being its energy foundation for the beauty and nourishment of the food served on it. It is worth noting good restaurants almost always use white plates. A clean white plate is like a fresh canvas also, so it’s another plus point.

Choose round shaped plates as it has the most flow or harmonious movement. Having round shapes can introduce fresh energy into your cooking and dining. It is also a well-suited to presenting and enjoying the food.


Image via Replace Your Plates

If you don’t like the idea of having white coloured plates, opt for yellow coloured ones. Yellow coloured plates, or having yellow colours in the kitchen, is a good idea as it helps with gut problems. It helps you with digestion issues.

Homeowners should take not just because round plates are “better options” does not mean you should completely cut out all square-edged plates, and even tables. Like your table and kitchen, if your kitchen “works better” with square or rectangular tables, then opt for the latter. To remedy “square edged” plates and tables, buy the ones that has rounded corners. It’s still good Fengshui by the end of the day, nonetheless.

Not to say there are anything wrong with square or rectangular plates, or if they are bad at Feng Shui. Plates with square edges simply provides a different energy that tends to be slower and more grounding than that of a circular plate.  Think of this way – square-edged plates slows you down in life. When it comes to cooking and enjoying food, sharing with others, slowing down may not be such a bad thing after all.

How does Fengshui affect your fridge?

In Feng Shui’s Five Elements, the fridge falls under metal. If metal is beneficial for you in fate analysis, having a fridge is undoubtedly the best remedy. In your everyday life, you can open and shut the fridge to improve your luck.


Image via

Fill your fridge with ice water, beer, ice cream, milk and the like to form a metal-water pattern for yourself. If metal is harmful to you when it comes to fate analysis, however, you’d better not have a refrigerator around. Some homeowners (and companies even) place the refrigerators in concealed places, which are actually out of the consideration of Five Elements rather than for the sake of it looking good. This is because metal is harmful to some people.

In the hotel rooms, the fridge is usually placed in a wooden cabinet. If metal is harmful to you in fate analysis, you may refer to the practice as it is the best for you.

Fridges are often placed in the kitchen, stereotypically. If you wish to place a fridge in your living room, refer to the following table as to where you should place it if you or your family member belongs to the “metal family”:

Table via Chinese Astrology

The size of your fridge is closely associated with the area of your kitchen or living room. It should be directly proportional to the latter, for it may cause money dispute. For a large kitchen or living room, choose a double-door refrigerator. If you have a small kitchen or living room, opt for a single-door fridge instead.

Fridge Feng Shui taboos you should take note of

Here are some fridge Feng Shui taboos you should look out for.

Image via Pixabay

Fridge belongs to water element whereas stove belongs to fire element. Since fire and water do not go hand in hand, you shouldn’t place the fridge too close to your stove. The fridge releases cool air whereas the stove releases hot air. This will affect your gastrointestinal health and cause family conflicts.

Your fridge should not be placed opposite of your door. The reason being the opposite airflow will cause the unstable luck for wealth, and even financial losses. When you open the refrigerator, it will release a mass of cool air. If the refrigerator faces your door, it will interfere with the air inside of your room, causing an adverse effect on your family and lead to financial losses.

Do not put other appliances or sundries on your refrigerator. Some people will put their microwave, oven, juicer, and other small appliances on it. In terms of Fengshui, the electromagnetism released by the appliances can stir the air around and bring adverse effect to your health. Piling up sundries is bad for you if you are looking to make a fortune.

Keep your fridge clean regularly. Accumulation of bacteria means accumulation of bad luck.

Avoid having an empty fridge as it is closely related to your family’s diet. Having plenty of food in your fridge means you don’t have to worry about food or clothing. If it is always empty, you will be economically poor.

To conclude, it goes without saying that Feng Shui is of utmost importance to the kitchen. As one of the more active areas of the home, it is always essential to keep the kitchen in good condition through proper maintenance so it is able to function in the way that it does not harm the Feng Shui in your house.

Likewise, it’s a good idea to keep the kitchen bright, fresh and happy so energy flow is made possible within the space. Creating an organized and inspiring kitchen will support the needs of the family while uplifting their souls, making your hearth truly the heart of your home!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Kitchen Feng Shui 2019. Scroll down to get even more home improvement ideas from some of our most popular articles!

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