Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are one of the pieces of furniture that you can’t leave out of your kitchen. As one of the major focal points of the kitchen, it can be hard to choose the right one, especially when you can find so many designs in the market. Should you get a functional one or one that fits into your kitchen design

If you rush into a decision, it can easily go wrong and end up with the wrong finished product. Getting a kitchen cabinet that is both functional and aesthetic allows you to access it easily and maintain the stylish outlook of your kitchen. 

Not every homeowner thinks too far regarding the kitchen cabinet, but you should, as it will accompany you for years. You should consider these few tips when choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet for your home. 

1. Go For Custom Kitchen Cabinet Or Prefabricated Kitchen Cabinet

Whether you want a prefabricated or custom kitchen cabinet depends on your budget, time, and preference. 

Prefabricated kitchen cabinet is cabinets that are ready for you to choose from. They are ready-made and come in standard size. The cost will be lower compared to custom kitchen cabinets. If you are in a rush, a prefabricated kitchen cabinet will be a perfect choice, allowing your kitchen renovation project to stay on track

While custom cabinets are built according to the specification of the homeowner, it can be tailored to the kitchen space with custom color design and style. If your kitchen space has certain angles that are hard to fit, custom kitchen cabinets can be a perfect choice to accommodate the angle. But if you are looking into custom kitchen cabinets, be prepared to allocate some time for the preparation, as the making process starts from scratch. It can take up to 6-8 weeks

If you are unsure whether to go for a prefabricated kitchen cabinet or a custom kitchen cabinet, there is another option which is semi-custom. This allows homeowners to have the ability to design according to their desired preference, but they are still somewhat confined to standard cabinet dimensions. 

2. Fit Your Kitchen Cabinet Into Your Kitchen Style

Kitchen Cabinet

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Each homeowner has their preference for kitchen style and how they want to elaborate on it. The common kitchen styles include traditional, modern, and transition. Besides, you can find references for many other kitchen styles online

When deciding which cabinet you want, consider if it can fit into your kitchen style. You wouldn’t want your kitchen cabinet to look awkward in your kitchen design. For a traditional kitchen, you should look for a classic yet elegant kitchen cabinet. An ornate kitchen cabinet with drawers can be a good choice. 

For a minimalist style kitchen, consider a featuring flat-front kitchen cabinet. You will want to combine it with a shaker or flat-front cabinet doors made of maple and hickory. You can choose a contemporary-style shaker cabinet with paneled doors if you prefer a transitional kitchen. 

3. Consider The Material Of The Kitchen Cabinet

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You will want a cabinet that can last long in your kitchen. The cabinet material is as important as the design. It helps with the function of the cabinet. If you are looking for a high-quality cabinet, consider wood material. They can be strong and durable materials

You can find many options in wood material, such as plywood, oak, melamine, etc. It can be hard to choose with so many options. If you are unsure which to choose, plywood will be your first option. It comprises several thin layers of wood and is placed in solid wood boards along with the face frame. 

4. Don’t Forget The Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

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There are many door styles for you to choose from. Your door style will show how the cabinet looks in your kitchen. It will tell what type of kitchen style you have and where you want your guest’s eye to be drawn

The door style can draw people’s attention or break your kitchen design. When choosing the door style, consider the material and finish as it will show their profile. It will show the effect and the design inspiration you want to show. 

Not all cabinet hardware works well with every cabinet door style. Some homeowners may also opt for glass door cabinets. Seeing the dishes and plates in their cabinet is easier for them. Although convenient and practical, it may make your kitchen look very busy if you overdo it. It applies to some types of frameless cabinets. You will want to be careful when deciding how to present your cabinet. 

5. Decide Paints & Stains For Your Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

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You want to ensure that the cabinet you choose fits well with your kitchen style. The paint or stain for your cabinet is another important factor to consider when choosing it. It is important to have a consistent and even finish. 

Sometimes it can be confusing what color to choose for your cabinet to fit into the kitchen design. But incorporating two-tone counters with the right color can make your kitchen design pop. If you are unsure what to choose, consider going for a dark cabinet with a light countertop or a light cabinet with a dark countertop. This is the latest kitchen trend

If you want your kitchen to look spacious, you can opt for a light upper cabinet with a dark lower cabinet. You can search some magazines or search online for references for other color options.

6. Think About The Kitchen Appliance That You Will Store In The Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

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A kitchen cabinet shouldn’t be only part of your kitchen design. It should also be functional. A cabinet is a place where you also store your kitchen appliance. You will want to include how you want to keep your kitchen appliance when you get the kitchen cabinet. 

In these modern days, you often find that some cabinet comes integrated which built-in charging stations for electronic devices. If you love cooking and always following recipes on your mobile phone or tablet, you can still charge your device as you cook. It can be a great option for those who love cooking.

Kitchen cabinets should serve practical purposes, aesthetic purposes, and storage purposes. You should get one that fits your need in the kitchen.