Quartz Countertop

When getting a countertop for the kitchen, most people will look for material that is needed to be durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. If you are one of them, a quart countertop definitely is one of your top choices. Quartz countertops are found in many households.

Quartz countertop has been a popular countertop material for decades, and you may hear from many people talking about how good quartz countertop is. But how much do you know about it? Does it meet your requirement? How does it fit well in your kitchen?

Investing in a kitchen countertop can be a big thing as you will use it to prepare your food. Besides, it is going to last with you for years. Before you get one for your kitchen, let us know more about quartz countertops.

What Is A Quartz Countertop?

If you visit a kitchen showroom, you will see a dazzling array of quartz countertop patterns and designs that mimic real marble and other natural stone. Quartz’s first appearance was in Italy during the 1960s. It is developed by combining ground quartz particles with resins, making it an alternative to stone that wouldn’t break or crack easily.

When quartz entered the market in the earlier years, it was dull-looking cream and tan. With the advanced solid-surface technology, it elevated quartz from functional to fabulous. There are a few finish choices for you, and you can find endless combinations of edge styles and colors. You won’t have to worry about being unable to get something stunning to fit into your kitchen design.

Besides the remarkable looks you can get from the quartz countertop, it is easy to maintain compared to marble and natural stone. Sealing it with a special sealant can be easily cared for. Besides the maintenance, it can also resist cracking and scratch at a higher degree than many natural countertops. It ranks “7” in hardness on the Moh’s scale, while marble only ranks “3”.

Things About Quartz Countertop #1 – Engineered Stone

Quartz Countertop

Image Credit: Caesarstone

When talking about the material that is used to make quartz countertops, most people assume it is a natural substance. Due to the visual similarity between granite and quartz, many people find it hard to distinguish between the two materials. So what exactly does a quartz countertop made from? It is an engineered composite made for the decorative-stone industry. It is a combination of polymer resin and crushed quartz.

The composition of quartz in this countertop is between 90-94%, while the resin is used as a binding agent that holds everything together. It also seals the gaps in the countertop to create a more durable product. The end product is a hybrid between natural and synthetic products.

Things About Quartz Countertop #2 – Heavy Resistance

Quartz Countertop

Image Credit: Nobroker

Many things are going on in your kitchen, such as food preparation, storing your cooking instruments, and kitchen appliances to prepare your meals. You will want to get the most out of your kitchen countertop. Quartz is one of the best options due to its heavy resistance.

Many countertop surfaces will bubble and warp when in contact with heat, but quartz countertop is heat resistant. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 399 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if the surface of the quartz countertop becomes burned, the scorch marks can be removed. Other kitchen countertops may need to replace the whole countertop.

Quartz countertop is also resistant to impacts because of the quality of the material that makes them. The resin acts as a shock absorber and can take the impact and distribute it evenly. It may not be a natural stone, but it can withstand heavy impact, unlike other materials.

Unlike other natural stone countertops, a quartz countertop is made of polymer resin combined with crushed stone, making it different from others. It can resist scratches.

Things About Quartz Countertop #3 – Low Maintenance

Quartz CountertopDon’t have so much time to maintain your kitchen countertop? A low-maintenance quartz kitchen countertop is a good option for you. Materials such as marble and granite must be sealed and resealed regularly. The quartz countertop doesn’t need much upkeeping.

It is easy to keep it clean. Unlike other countertop materials, which need a particular cleanser to clean the surface, quartz countertops don’t have many rules on the cleanser. You can clean quartz countertop surfaces with mild soap and water, glass or surface cleanser, or nonabrasive surface cleaners.

Although it doesn’t need much cleaning, it is best to clean it regularly. It can keep the surface look and feel nice. It is less susceptible to stains than a granite countertop, but it should be cleaned regularly to remove germs and spills on the surface.

Things About Quartz Countertop #4 – Non-Porous

Quartz Countertop

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One common problem that you can find in natural stone countertops is that they are porous. You can find tiny pores where liquids and germs can sink into them. All these will cause stains and pigmentation. Due to this reason, natural stone will degrade over time. But you won’t find this issue in the quartz countertop.

Combining polymer resin with crushed quarts allows one to fill in any microscopic gaps. Lesser bacteria spills will sink into the surface and prevent stains. Spills can be easily cleaned up without worrying about the material being damaged.

Things About Quartz Countertop #5 – High Price Tag

Quartz CountertopHigh-quality products often come with a higher price. If you are looking forward to getting quartz for your countertop, expect the price to be higher. Quartz countertops are definitely getting popular nowadays and are neck-and-neck with granite counters.

Each countertop material price differs. Solid surface countertops are cheaper than quarts. Laminate options are one of the cheapest for kitchen countertops compared to quartz. If you are comparing it to granite, it depends on the color, size, and type. Granite will be slightly more expensive, but the difference won’t be too much.

Here are some facts you will want to know before you get a quartz countertop for your kitchen. It can be overwhelming with all the choices you can find in the market, but remember to understand more about the material you are getting for your countertop. It will last you for long life if you find the correct one.


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