30 Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks

30 Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks Using 3 DIY Homemade Cleaners

The 3 homemade cleaners we are talking about are baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find something that is TRULY “cheap and good”… but I must say these 3 modest (yet mighty) homemade cleaners totally fit the bill as “cheap and good” home cleaning solutions.

The thing is, besides being essential ingredients in your cooking and baking, the 3 non-toxic homemade cleaning agents will make your cleaning chores less strenuous… and quite satisfying too.

These unassuming cleaning superheroes with gentle abrasive and deodorizing properties can truly save you lots of time, energy, and money.

Without further ado, let’s get into the 30 cleaning hacks using just these 3 homemade wonders…


Baking Soda

1. Unclog Your Kitchen Drainage

To clear a stubborn clog faster than your spouse can start cursing, simply pour half a cup of baking soda down the sink/drain inlet, followed by an equal part of vinegar.

Cover the drain inlet with a wet cloth and do 5 minutes of burpees or squats… then flush your drainage with hot water. This works like magic every single time.

2. Eliminate Your Garbage Bin Odours

Nobody likes weird garbage bin odours. Get rid of any odours once and for all by placing some baking soda at the bottom of your garbage bins, always.

3. Scrub Your Messy BBQ Grill

Love your barbeque sessions but hate the cleaning? You’re not alone.

Do you know that you can easily remove all the stubborn cookout grime just by sprinkling some soda powder on your grill brush before you start scrubbing?

Yes, no more vein-popping, teeth-gnashing frustrations.

In fact, you can be the official hero to battle the BBQ aftermath next time!

4. Brighten Your Gloomy Laundry

Want to make your clothes look more vibrant after laundry every single time? Then add a cup of baking soda to your laundry load along with the detergent to balance the pH… so you can preserve (and even brighten) the whites and colors like a Pro.

5. Dust Your Kids’ Stuffed Animals

If your children have a lot of stuffed toys, chances are, you rarely get the chance (or perhaps you’re too tired to bother) to get rid of the accumulated dust.

But for your kids’ well-being, be a good parent and do it once in a while.

To make your job easier, place them in a large (clean) garbage bag and pour a cup of baking soda in. Then secure the top and bring them outside your house to give them a good shake.

The amazing baking soda will help draw out the dust (and even soil). Next, remove the stuffed toys and just vacuum everything away.

6. Scrub The Artistic Crayon Wall

Provided you have your kids’ permission to erase their masterpieces on your walls, you can sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and start scrubbing away their crayon art.

Want the artists to be responsible for their own work? Teach them how to do this together as a fun game or mini workout after their creative art sessions.

7. Clean Your Super Greasy Cookware and Dishes

Always have a hard time scrubbing off stuck-on food on your dishes and favorite pots and pans? Just sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge along with the detergent, and voila… the stubborn food residues will be gone in no time.

8. Banish the Foul Smell in Your Fridge

No worries about pungent or fishy smells from your overnight food (especially seafood) — because you can easily absorb any lingering strong odours by placing a cup of baking soda in the fridge.

This way, you can prevent the unpleasant food odours from affecting the neighbouring foods.

You can also go the extra mile and clean your fridge with a damp cloth sprinkled with baking soda.

9. Clean the (Toxic) Fruits & Veggies

Now, this is our favorite baking soda hack — removing the toxic waxy coating from fruits, and dirt from the vegetables. Washing your fruits and veggies with water and baking soda is the perfect solution for this.

That means much safer and healthier eating for you and your loved ones, always!

10. Brighten Your Dull Jewelry

Ok, this last hack has nothing do with your home, but it’s worth mentioning… because it has got to do with your precious bling blings.

Yes, isn’t it splendid to know that you can restore the sparkle of your jewelry with just baking soda?

Make a paste with baking soda and water (3:1) and apply it to your jewelry using a microfiber cloth, then rinse and dry them to remove the tarnishes.

Try it yourself today… and experience the satisfaction 😉


White Vinegar

1. Clean Your Windows

Why spend money on window cleaning chemicals (that may still leave smudges or harm your skin) when you can use just white vinegar and water? (Use apple cider vinegar if you want something milder).

Just mix equal parts of the 2 solutions and apply to your windows with a soft sponge or newspaper (avoid using paper towels because that will leave streaks on your windows). Then simply wipe your windows clean with a wet squeegee.

2. Remove Food Residues from the Microwave

If you have a pesky someone at home (or at work) who always leaves food residues in your microwave no matter how many times you remind him/her not to… fret not.

Instead of cutting off the perpetrator’s ears, you can simply boil a solution of water and white vinegar in the microwave.

Wait for the steam to form on the microwave window, then you can wipe away the food residues with ease.

3. Clean Your Automated Coffee Maker

If you are using a coffee maker and having a hard time cleaning the build-up every time, then the white vinegar is your saviour.

Just fill up the reservoir with white vinegar and run a brewing cycle. Then empty the carafe, rinse away the vinegar by running a round of water through another brewing cycle, and voila… now you are ready to make some hot fresh coffee.

4. Restore Sparkles to Your Dishes & Glasses

Want to keep your dishes and glasses sparkling clean always? Just add 2 cups of white vinegar into your dishwashing machine during a regular cycle and watch the vinegar do its wonder!

5. Get Rid of Bathtub Film

If you have a bathtub, you’ll be familiar with the yucky bathtub film that accumulates over time. You can remove them quickly by wiping them with vinegar and baking soda. Then just rinse them off with clean water.

To remove the bathtub film effectively, wipe it first with white vinegar, then with some baking soda. Rinse away the grime with clean water.

6. Cleanse Your Showerhead

You can also use vinegar to remove grime and mineral build-up on your showerhead.

Use a small plastic container with enough vinegar to soak the showerhead. Leave it overnight and you’ll see the nasty build-up and grime dissolve the next day. Then just turn the shower on to rinse clean.

7. Remove Pet Urine from Your Carpets

As much as you love your pets, it’s pretty frustrating when they pee on your expensive carpet.

To clean the urine effectively, use some paper towels and apply as much pressure as possible on the area to blot out as much of the urine as possible. Do this a few times.

Now, this is important — before you apply the vinegar treatment, be sure to test (at a less conspicuous area, like under the sofa or TV console) that the colors of your carpet do not run.

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar, then apply the solution to the affected area and allow it to sit for around 10 minutes.

Continue to blot with paper towels as before repeatedly. Then sprinkle some baking soda to remove the odour.

You can then go watch some Netflix or do some yoga… and come back to vacuum your carpet in about an hour.

8. Remove the Dreaded Wine Stains

Wine stains are among the hardest to clean. And it hurts more when you stain your favorite shirt or dress.

But not to worry, Mr. Vinegar is here to the rescue. To remove wine stains (from cotton or poly cotton fabrics), just be sure to sponge them directly with white vinegar within 24 hours.

After the stains disappear, wash them according to your apparel care label and you’re done.

9. Avoid Running Colors

Remember those unfortunate events when someone’s new jeans or T-shirt turned your whites into blue or pink?

Now you can prevent this frustrating mishap by soaking the colored fabrics in white vinegar for a few minutes before washing. This will prevent the colors from running and spoiling your favorite clothes.

10. Clean Your Blinds Like A Pro

To clean your blinds, you can use a mix of white vinegar (half a cup), ammonia (1 cup), baking soda (a quarter of a cup) and about 3.5L of warm water.

Just use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe your blinds with this powerful mixture and they will look good as new in no time.


Lemon Juice

“When life gives you lemons… use them to clean your home!”

1. Enhance Your Dish Detergent’s Degreasing Power

This first lemon hack will make your dish-washing much easier (and your other half more willing to help you with the dishes).

Simply add a few drops of lemon juice to your dish detergent, and you’ll enjoy more degreasing power — that means less energy and time for the dreaded dish-washing chore.

2. Remove Mineral Build-Up In Your Pots & Kettles

You can solve this mineral build-up problem by boiling a few thick lemon slices in your pots and kettles.

Leave this powerful lemon mixture alone for a couple of hours, then rinse and dry your cookware, and voila… they’ll be almost as good as new.

3. Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

Instead of brushing or scraping the icky soap scum and hard water stains on your glass shower doors, just rub them off with a half cut lemon.

4. Unclog Your Drainage

Similar to the vinegar, you can unclog your drainage with a “baking soda and lemon combo”.

The foaming action of this mixture will help you clear minor blockages like a breeze.

Finish the power combo by pouring hot water down your drainage.

5. Freshen Your Toilet Bowl

Want to keep your toilet bowl hygienic always? Then do this one-minute routine every day.

Pour half a cup of lemon juice into the toilet bowl and swish it around with the toilet brush.

Leave it there for 15 minutes, then flush it all away into the dark abyss…

6. Clean Your Mirrors & Windows

If you can’t stand seeing smudges on mirrors and windows like I do, then you’ll love this — make a mixture of water and a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a spray bottle, then use it to clean your mirrors and windows to get rid of any smudges in just seconds.

7. Remove Food Preparation Smells

This lemon hack is especially useful if you deal with seafood and meat marination a lot. Simply wash your hands in a dilute lemon juice and water solution to remove the smells entirely.

8. Clean Your Microwave & Remove Unwanted Odours

Similar to acidic vinegar, lemon juice is a great solution for cleaning and freshening up your microwave oven.

Just place a cup of water with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in the microwave and heat to boiling point (put a toothpick in the water to prevent overheating). Then leave it for 10 minutes.

After that, just wipe away any food residues with a clean damp cloth and dry it.

9. Remove the Ugly Grout

You can easily remove the tile grout with lemon juice and an old toothbrush. No need to buy any expensive grout removal chemicals at all.

10. Kills Germs & Clean Stains from Chopping Boards

The chopping board is just like a perfect hangout place for germs.

Crash the disgusting party by rubbing some lemon juice onto the stains, leave it overnight, then rinse and dry the next day.

There you go. We hope you’ve found some hacks for cleaning your home regularly (and enjoyably).

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