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8 Wonderful Ways Natural Marble Can Transform Your Home

Natural marble is evergreen, timeless and naturally beautiful. The rise of new technology and new materials has not been able to take away the charm of the unbeatable natural marble.

Natural marble is tough, versatile, comes in a various range of texture, colours and patterns and it really does add a distinct touch of class and sophistication. All these characteristic of a natural marble makes it a remarkable material for your home.

For thousands of years, natural marble has been a preferred choice of building material as well as being a decorative substance. In this article, I will be sharing 8 wonderful ways natural marble can transform your home.

[Marble Alternative: Arkstone – Marble Series]

Kitchen Area

Natural Marble Kitchen Countertop 2018

Image Via Metacabinet

Having natural marble in your kitchen, be it the kitchen countertop, the backsplash, or the tile, will make your kitchen look marvelously elegant.

“It’s a natural material with great variety, depending on which species you select and how it’s cut,” says AD100 architect S. Russell Groves. “It creates a really lovely natural pattern, which you don’t get with a lot of artificial materials.”

Even though natural marble looks expensive, they can actually cost less than other natural stone countertop materials. The cost may vary depending on the type and thickness chosen, but natural marble is often less expensive than granite or quartz.

On top of that, natural marble countertops are very suitable for baking and cooking. This material has been the favorites by professional chefs and home bakers because it stays cool and most importantly, dough doesn’t stick as easily to the surface, making it ideal for rolling out pastry.

What we don’t often hear is that marble countertops are heat resistant. Natural marble won’t catch fire or burn, but it’s wise to preserve the finish by not placing any hot pans or pots on the surface without protection.

All it takes for you to make your kitchen look eye-catching is to change the countertop and a natural marble can do just that. It will flip the whole design up. One change and the room looks “marbellous”.



Feature wall

Marble Wall Singapore

Image Via Ariastonegallery

Feature walls can be in your living room, kitchen or any other area that is the focal point of your space. Feature walls look great, even when just painted with a different colour from its surroundings.

Imagine just how outstanding a surface could look if made from something so natural such as marble stone. Make that feature wall a genuine feature by designing a colour and pattern scheme out of natural stone.

Natural marble has been used as building materials for a very long time, so its ability to withstand the test of time is well documented. When it is installed by experts and properly sealed and maintained, you can expect to enjoy the beauty of marble for a lifetime.


Feature wall is one thing, walls are another. A marbellous marble wall is something on another level! What I’m saying is having a marble feature wall is one thing. It’s only one specific section with being marble-lized. Marble walls though! Having marble walls can totally transform the whole interior of your casa.

Imagine the look on your relatives’ or friend’s face when they step in your fully marble-lized home. Imagine the awe and admiration they’ll have towards your home.

Marble wall can be implemented either in bathroom walls, living room walls, bedroom walls(fancy!). Basically anywhere your heart desires it to be. Here’s a few examples of marble walls in living rooms, bedroom and bathroom! Hope you’ll get an idea of what you’d like to do for your own space.

Marble Wall Singapore


Natural marble on your flooring! Although this might sound like an expensive investment. Hold your horses, let me enlighten you on the advantages of using natural marble for your flooring.

Natural Marble Flooring

Marble flooring looks amazing (adds a good value for a resale, if you’re planning to)and it is also durable! Being extremely durable, it can withstand any sort of external pressure, and any sudden change of weight can be handled by this material easily. Easy peasy!

Did I mention that natural marbles are timeless? They have an everlasting appeal! It does not get old very easily. It can bring just the necessary elegance to your floor. Marble floors are scratch free, practically resistant to most of the things. Now, you don’t have to worry if your kid is going to scratch the floor by dragging your dining chairs.

This will ensure you to get a good idea and a viable option for the different aspects of using marbles.

Dining Room

Natural Marble For Dining Table

Image Via Euronaturalstone

Beauty is definitely at the top of the list of advantages of marble. Nothing can really compare. A marble dining table will complement just about any décor and become a conversation piece with your guests.

I remember going to one a friend’s house and seeing their amazing marble dining table. She said that Chinese families have this craze over having anything marble in their home. One of her family’s favorite is their gorgeous, shiny finish marble table.

Marble table tops are available in an array of beautiful natural colors, and tables are designed for a contemporary, modern look as well as traditional, ornate and antique. You will easily find a table to compliment your home.

If it is not maintained properly, fret not, natural marble can be restored by a professional with good results.

Home Decor

Natural Marble In Kitchen Utensils

Image Via Scstylecaster

Stainless steel, aluminum or copper are materials that are so yesterday. Nowadays, natural marble is used literally everywhere even for home decors or kitchen utensils.

They look stunningly beautiful as home decors! As every part of natural marble has a very distinctive and unique pattern. (Thank you, Mama nature for that.)

Home Decor By Stone Amperor

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Bathroom Featuring Natural Marble

A bathroom that has natural marble in it exudes elegance and beauty. Coming home from a stressful, long day at work to a gorgeous looking bathroom, can help you relax!

There are a few ways in which you can incorporate natural marble in your bathroom:

  • The entire bath – You can choose one shade for the entire bathroom elements made of marble and add some colours by means of accessories like towels, mirrors and other vanities.  You can combine different nuances of marble for a more unique look.
  • Bathtub and sinks – Bathtubs or sinks that are made of natural marble can be the eccentric element in your bathroom to make it look like one of those spa retreats.
  • Accessories – towel holders, soap or lotion dispensers made of marble are a luxury accessory that can transform any bathroom. Add a beautiful orchid with matching colours and you will have a celebrity bathroom.  
Natural Marble On Bathroom Accessories

Image Via I.pinimg

Whether you decide to go with a natural stone or engineered stone made from quartz for your bathroom vanity tops, the results really do look fantastic.

Stone is quite easy to keep clean and maintain as well, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom environment.


Natural Marble Outdoor

Natural marble is one of those stones that can bring charm and character to any space and the outdoor area is no exception.

Choosing marble for your outdoors will give your yard an unparalleled elegant appearance. If you choose the right marble, it can do just that. With proper maintenance, you can preserve the natural marble longevity. 

When you’re looking for the best marble tiles for your outdoor project, choose not only by the looks but also by their qualities.  What is suitable for your kitchen countertop is not necessary the best for your patio floor.  

Living room

Natural Marble As Material For Living Room Design

The living room is a space where you often spend most of your time with your family and friends. It deserves a few sumptuous touches and marble is the right material for that. Adding natural marble in your living room can elevate the space.

Here is how to incorporate it:

  • Columns to define the space – If your living room is an open-space concept, installing marble columns will divide the space and add value to the overall atmosphere in your house.
  • Floors or walls – It is possible to use natural marble for both the floor and the walls of the living room. It is recommended by the experts that choosing one from the two is better.
  • Furniture – Marble furniture stuns with its elegance and clear lines. No matter if you would choose a large dining table or a small side table combining marble and wood or glass, these eccentric solutions will definitely make your living room look lavish.
  • Accessories – A couple of candle holders, a large vase or a bookshelf made of marble are a splendid addition to any living room.  

As a conclusion, natural marble is marvellous! Everything marble is just marvellously gorgeous! Can’t you tell by now? What makes it unique and amazing is that every design is different and authentic.

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