Ideas For The Bay Window: Better Living With Quartz Countertops!

Ideas For The Bay Window: Better Living With Quartz Countertops!

Since it found its popularity with Victorian residential architecture, bay windows have remained a mainstay of home-style right up to today. There’s nothing quite as warm and fuzzy as idly sitting by a big window and looking out into the world around you, pondering as people go out their daily business, or taking in the view and fresh air.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of inspiration or pure laziness, many homeowners completely forget about this amazing place in the house. Most only just barely notice it as they move from room to room.

This isn’t surprising as people tend to spend most of their time in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen where the comfortable furniture, food and entertainment are. Sadly this existential plane only allows us to spend our time at one place at a time (I know, what a bummer!). So how do we go about enjoying both things at the same time?

What to do about it?

But what’s life without a few challenges, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some excuse to get the family to spend more time with you by the bay window?

Premise One: we’ve established the fact that we tend to spend a lot of our time in the living room, bedroom and dining table/kitchen. I assume that most of us tend not to like to move too far from these places.

Premise Two: As much as I like to sit down and watch the world go by, it’s only a matter of time before hunger or boredom strikes, and I’m off to the kitchen or living room again. (Yes, I live in a world of gratuitous distractions.)

Conclusion: Why not combine best of two worlds? If I were to build a circular seat around the window with, say, quartz countertops (quartz can be cut in circular shapes with the right tools and expertise, yes). Add some comfortable cushions of my choice and drag a nice table into the middle, you can turn this…

Ideas For The Bay Window: Better Living With Quartz Countertops!into this…

Voilà! Now you have the perfect excuse to spend more time around my favourite spot in the house without ever leaving. You can also drag a few companions into the fairy circle and make them part of your living fantasy!



Quartz Countertops?

Although you could certainly use solid surface countertops, laminate or granite for your bay window masterpiece – quartz countertops, in my opinion, are the best choice. For one, engineered quartz is easy to maintain. They are also quite durable and isn’t any real concern with wear-and-tear.

However, dark-coloured quartz countertops (as well as granite) do fade when exposed to sunlight (or at least the resin and other protective coatings do, but not the stone itself) so light colours such as white are best.

Some Sunlight is Good For You, Too.

As an added benefit, this clever seating arrangement also puts you smack in the midst of the source of that natural light flooding into the house. Light exposure to sunlight is known for quite a few surprising benefits, like making us happier through the release of serotonin in our brain.

Light exposure to sunlight also encourages our skin produce vitamin D which strengthens our bones. UV light from moderate sunlight exposure also kills bacteria, fungus and other nasties (particularly those that cause skin diseases) as well as help prevent cancer! (Too much sunlight, however, is known to cause cancer).

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