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Introducing the Aura Sink.

Have you or your loved ones ever encountered water leakage in your home? Or are you still oblivious to how that mysterious puddle of water got there?

The majority of homeowners are unaware that they have a leakage, not until the odour hits them right in the nostril that is. While numerous factors could contribute to the smell, we’d hazard a guess that water from your kitchen sink has seeped into your cabinets and caused it to rot.


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The main cause of the leak is silicone erosion which happens over time. Additionally, traditional topmount and undermount sinks are not a guarantee that your cabinets are waterproof.

This is due to the silicone layer giving way to a minuscule gap between the countertop and the wooden material beneath it. Let’s call this gap a water seepage gateway.


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Now, you have a conundrum on your hands. Do you add extra silicone to the gaps over time? Or do you overhaul your entire kitchen sink to salvage what’s left of your cabinets?

These solutions are not only expensive but also ineffective. This is where Aura Sink comes into play.

Never heard of Aura Sink? Not to worry, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this product.  



Aura Sink



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The Aura Sink is a revolutionary undermount sink that utilizes a unique clamping system and a specially designed stainless steel sink that prevents leakage.


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The sink comes with ridges that prevent water from seeping into your cabinets. The customized clamping system adds another layer of confidence to Aura Sink’s leakproof design by ensuring that the silicone dries up with the ridge intact. This would reduce the eventual erosion of the silicone layer and subsequently prevent water from leaking out.

To conclude, if you are looking for a fuss-free kitchen sink that will save you money in the long run, Aura Sink is for you. Its’ simplistic design is easy to install and maintain, yet it is also long-lasting.

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