Marble Serving Tray With Golden Leaf

Our Favourite Home Decor that Defines Luxury Living in Singapore | Stone Amperor Shop

3 words that will change your living space: Marble Home Decor. These marble items and so much more, are why you need to visit the Stone Amperor Shop

We know that you’re always looking for great deals on household decor. And now, we got you. We’re proud to present: The New Stone Amperor Shop.

The Stone Amperor Shop is a brand new collection of our favourite household decor items. With a few simple clicks, you can now purchase stone tables, marble decor, and unique clocks.

And yes, you can pay for them via debit or credit card. Self-collection is also free.

Now that the boring bits are out of the way, let’s get ready to update your living spaces!

Sleek Stone Tables

So I know what you’re thinking… Ostentatious much? What’s wrong with a good old-fashioned wooden table? The answer? Nothing.

Wooden tables are classic, timeless and most importantly, functional. Their beautiful grains coloured with a stained finish can make any room feel warm and cozy.

But saying that, why stop there? Convenient and functional would never get your apartment featured in InStyle magazine. And here’s where stone tables come in.

Why choose a Stone table? Simple: They look SEXY. They have a knack for elevating the style of any kitchen or living room, from cozy family spot to a sleek modern icon.

Just this table can turn the entire vibe of a room. When placed in the center of a room, they act as a focal point and your guest won’t be able to help noticing the gleaming surface of a shiny new stone table.

Best of all, it maintains its functionality. Some of the tables are made of solid surface and engineered stone. The upside? Their non-porous surface and chemical inertness mean, no red wine stains, or dull spots from spilling fruit juice. Hooray for being Kiddy Proof!


Here’s the thing, though. Stone tables are usually light in colour, and have a soft gradient or a textured surface.

The best way to fit this table into your interiors, is to have dark floors. This effect creates the ethereal contrast you’re looking for. No Dark Floors, no table. Comprende?

Take a look at some sleek stone tables, available at our Stone Amperor Shop.

Trinity Marble Side Table


Marble Home Decor

Yup, you read it right. Marble home decor. Can you say, Extravagance? Just writing this gives me the goosebumps. Here’s why. There is no better way to up the luxury vibe in your home than having marble products.

The Taj Mahal, Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Parthenon were all made from marble. If it was good enough for some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, it’s definitely a keeper. Can you tell I’m a marble enthusiast?

Jokes aside, Marble offers what I like to call “subtle opulence”. Unlike the average man’s perception of luxury (tacky and gaudy) showing overt displays of wealth (by gold leafing every surface visible to the naked eye, kidding), marble is a softer aesthetic.

Marble is elegant in all its forms, often giving a cooling and calming feel.

On a date? Set the mood right with a marble candle holder.

Marble Candle Holder


Toasting for prosperity? Chill the bubbly in a marble ice bucket.

Marble Ice Bucket


Entertaining guests? Serve them on a marble tray with golden leaf handles.

Marble Serving Tray


Serving the nosy in-laws drinks? Pull out the marble coasters with golden edges.

Old Hollywood Square White Marble Golden Edged Coasters

Need the guests to leave early, so you and the other half can get some quality “alone time”? Gaze at your new minimalist marble wall clock, and exclaim “Oh, would you look at the time!”

White Linear Carrara Marble Clock


See what I mean? It’s the affluence of marble decor that tends to give people a newfound confidence in their living spaces. Well, not really. But it sure is pretty though!

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself at the Stone Amperor Shop.

Unique Clocks

Ok, so, have you ever had the feeling you couldn’t resist an oddly designed clock? I feel you. Where many would find a cute or sturdy looking clock to don their shelves or mantle pieces, some of us like to take a wee walk on the wild side.

Enter the Stone Amperor Shops Unique Clock collection. This ensemble of peculiar timepieces adds an eccentric flair to any room.

With quaint throwbacks to vintage vehicles, silhouettes of architectural wonders and even adorable shaped animals, these clocks will surely be a conversation starter.

Plus, they look super adorable. I’m in love with the one that looks like the silhouette of Saint Basils Cathedral.

Our Favourite Home Decor That Defines Luxury Living In Singapore | Stone Amperor Shop


Have a looksie for yourself at the Stone Amperor Shop


So what about delivery? We‘ve got you covered. We are currently delivering in Singapore ABSOLUTELY FREE (promotion valid till further notice)!

We know, you’re welcome. As of this moment, we aren’t shipping overseas, but if you’re in love with our collection, then we’re totally ok with you paying for shipping. (Sorry, we’re not there yet, but hopefully, we will be, soon)

Your love for eclectic decor is why we did this. We at Stone Amperor believe that stone is an exciting new way to add style and taste to your living spaces. We’re confident you can find something that tickles your fancy.

If you have any questions about our products, you’re most welcome to
contact us, and we’ll put you through to our expert sales team.

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