Marble Feature Wall On Bathroom 2018

Marble Feature Wall Ideas

Have you ever been to a friend’s house and is just in awe of their beautiful marble feature wall?

Boring, monotonous walls are so yesterday. What you need in your home today, in this era, is the Marble feature wall. I got 99 problems, but Marble ain’t one!

Marble feature walls are stunning! That is why most homeowners(including myself) use marble as their feature wall to create a distinctive, out of the box design for a wall.

So, without further ado, I present to you some of the amazing marble feature wall inspiration.

Oh, did I mention? Marble feature wall can be used anywhere in your home from your living room or kitchen, even your bathrooms! Such gorgeous aesthetics.


A ‘Marbellous’ Living Room

The first great place to add a marble feature wall is your living room! Why? When you go to someone’s house for a gathering, what do you look at first as you enter?

THE LIVING ROOM – and having a marble feature wall to welcome your house guests is the best.

It makes your living room look extravagant and luxurious. Take a look at this particular living room, designed with shades of subtle grey and paired with a marvellous marble feature wall.

Living Room With Marble Feature Wall   

 I mean, look at how great the living room looks with a marble feature wall. Imagine it having a flat grey paint. (I’m already yawning)

Living Room With Luxurious Marble Feature Wall

Here’s another great example of a ‘marbellous’ feature wall. You can never go wrong with a black marble wall. It compliments every colour.

But, if you are picky about your furniture, be sure to choose a neutral or pastel coloured marble.


Contemporary Kitchen: With A Touch of Marble Feature Wall

Yes, the only thing your kitchen is missing right now is a marble feature wall! Yes, I know you would be thinking, “Why do I need to make my kitchen look good? No one’s going to see it anyway.”

Let me stop you right there! That wouldn’t be what you say when you have those family gatherings or Christmas party.

You know those aunties who just love to snoop around your house, just to judge and criticize everything about your house.

Yeah I know, some people live by the “I don’t care what other people say.” words. You do you, boo. But don’t you want to just have that great feeling when these “aunties” compliment your house?

What can they say when your kitchen looks like this.

Kitchen With Distinctive Marble Wall Feature

Not only that, a great kitchen interior will also make you feel great while cooking. Just take a look at this kitchen inspiration. The culinary space above blends the cool tone of marble with warm touches, such as wooden details.

Don’t you think you’ll feel ecstatic to be cooking in a kitchen that has that ‘Tumblr-ish’ feel?

You’re the Yin to my Yang. Our favourite colour combination, white and black. White marble combines with dark countertops and pendant lighting in the modern kitchen space below.

Kitchen Space With Marble Feature Wall

For more images on the kitchen inspirations, click here.


The Loo!

In other words, the bathroom! In the past years, people couldn’t care less to design their bathrooms. These places are just for you to have a shower or a bath anyway, what’s the big deal?

Nowadays, bathroom designs have been all the rage. People spend so much of their time outside that they would like to enjoy the time they spend at home.

The first thing you do when you step home after a long and stressful day is to shower or bath.

How can a marble feature wall benefit you in the bathroom, you might ask. Ladies and gentleman the answer is:

  1. Marble is awesome
  2. Read no 1


Okay, all jokes aside. The benefits are as follows

  • It gets rid of a gloomy feeling in the bathroom -If you have a small bathroom, it is very recommended for you to get a marble feature wall. Not only will it get rid of the gloomy feeling in your bathroom, it will also add dimension to it.
  • Moisture resistant and durable -The bathroom is the wettest area of your house thus the need for it to be water and moisture resistant. Also, marbles are not likely to break into pieces because the surface is super solid. This automatically will prolong the life of your bathroom.
  • Lavish appearance – You can never go wrong with Marble if you wanna create a lavish, elegant look for your bathroom. Marble has a smooth, glossy finish that reflects the light for brightening effect in your bathroom.

Marble Feature Walls In Bathroom

Take a look at how this small, confined bathroom looks astoundingly elegant with the marble feature wall.

Just one marble wall could turn the overall design, adding depth and a focal point in a bathroom based on simplicity. Add a little dramatic lighting, and you’re good to go for an enhanced and cosy atmosphere.

3 Bathroom With Unique Marble Feature Wall

If you’re a very artistic person, you might fancy something like the veined-marble wall. It gives that artistic statement. Add in a little wooden cabinet and an artsy framed picture, voila, there you have it, Mademoiselle.

To conclude, Marble is inevitably amazing. The gorgeous and elegant look of marble that comes in different colours and patterns are unbeatable. Having a marble feature wall in your casa will make your house the talk of the town in no time.

Psssst, whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration on marble feature wall, you know you can always count on us. Just come back and bring your friends with you.

If you’re enticed to get a marble feature wall, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below.  

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