5 Unshared Reasons Why Marble Is Still The Most-Selected Flooring Material For The Smarties

Marble flooring made from natural, sophisticated marble is the most widely used around the globe in different buildings.

Before you step into the stone supplier store choosing the flooring material, pattern or get your hands on the sandy surfaces, wait up! YOU (especially house owners, designers and contractors) should feed your curiosity with sufficient knowledge and the pros and cons from customer’s point of view, particularly if you are a new-born sheep to the market (It can be tough)! Below tips will get yourself prepped for sales presentation and persuasion – to seal the deals!

Let’s learn about marble stone and all about it here. Marble is a natural stone that carries shiny surface, with the various shade and whirl patterns. Its instinctive beauty enriches the atmosphere of a foyer, hallway, bathroom or any room in the building. There are almost endless colours to choose from too!

Characteristics of marble stone that you must know:

  • It has been a symbol of beauty in the grand buildings built by emperors.
  • It is a metamorphic rock produced from limestone by pressure and heat in the earth crust due to earth processes.
  • Marbles are suitable for internal and external applications.
  • It is also utilized for structural and decorative purposes.

The top reasons why marble flooring is still the all-time favourite are:

Marble Flooring


Cost Effective

Being caught in the phenomenal economy downturn for at least twice for most of us, the number one consideration in choosing the right flooring material for your house or office for long-term would be the value for your money.

Marble stone surface is known for its longer lifespan as compared to other materials, such as the general solid surfaces. That means you don’t have to spend on cheap, easily-cracked stones, also on unnecessary repairing and spring cleaning. The thicker marble floor has greater price tag, but it is stronger than the thinner tile.

Please don’t bother or consider installing the marble tiles yourself. You might incur more cost if the tiles are not carefully handled. Marble tiles need a solid subfloor to hold too. Outsourcing a professional is not as costly as you thought, he will help uninstall your original floor (if any), furniture moving and other special arrangements according to your preference.

Marble Stone Surface


Elegant Design

It is undeniable that you will have visitors to your property sometimes, either for your housewarming, family or festive gathering, official work discussion or any friendly meet-ups. You need to make sure that your guests feel comfortable from the moment their feet step on your land.

So why not pick the glamorous, cooling marble flooring so you can have a proper conversation with your guests? Besides that, when light reflects the smooth surface of the marble tile, it makes areas of your space appear larger and more grand than they would otherwise. What’s more, marble symbolises the high rank and status that would boost your confidence showing your guests around!

Oh, did I not tell you there are also plenty of patterns for your family members or partners to vote for? Ranging from the Black Forest, Honey Onyx, Silver Mink and many more!

Marble Bathroom


Highly Durable

70% of the marble users never change it for the rest of their life. It sounds unbelievable to those of you who never own one before, but it is true. When you have kids running around splashing juices or an elderly moving around slowly with his stick, safety would be your first priority because you won’t be able to handle more than a kitchen.

With proper care, you can maintain its beauty for as long as you desire. Another amazing quality of marble stone is heat-resistant. In the bathroom, a styling tool won’t mar it unless left on it hot for some time. In the kitchen, it stands up well to hot pans and pots. It has become popular for fireplace surrounds because its colour doesn’t turn brown due to the heat and can withstand the random light spark on its surface.

Marble Stone


Easy to Maintain

Some people are just not good at chores, or mostly have no luxurious time for it, when you have work and other tasks in your to-dos. Basic cleaning for twice to thrice a week would be perfect for marble flooring, it doesn’t demand much! Do keep in mind to avoid acidic abrasive floor detergent, a mild and neutral pH one will do. After rinsing with water, do dry it properly (natural dry or fan) before any of your family member or colleague step on the mirror-smooth surface. Stains and sand can hardly stick on this surface because of its density.

What’s more? Its surface is highly resistant to bacteria, ensure the big part of environmental hygiene is well taken care of. Therefore, installing an easy to clean flooring is the ultimate solution for all.

Floor Polishing


Marble Polishing Order is Effortless

Polishing your floor can be tiring to do it yourself, also time-consuming for working adults like you.

Hire a marble polishing specialist to do the work for you on regular basis is much more convenient as they are easy to find and professional. But don’t just pick any, check with the consultant what is included in their service. The main functions of this service are to maintain its shines and minor repair the damaged outer layer or scratches over time.

Do it every 6 to 8 months would be ideal for your marble floor to look brand new.


Have more concerns?

We hope the above tips help you understand marble flooring better and save your time doing researches. However, you might have a few queries you can’t seem to solve, detailed maintenance or picking the right material for example.

Stone Amperor strives to achieve excellent service from your enquiry to post-sale. Need further information or still unsure about these stones? Drop us a message for FREE consultation today!

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