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Countertop Replacement: 5 Things You Need to Remember

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Have you ever thought of doing some countertop replacement? Well, as strong as your countertop is, it will show some ageing eventually. The surface may not be as smooth as when you bought it, scratches will show, burn marks will be left from burning pots, and so on. Furthermore, scratches will make your kitchen top prone to bacteria, so it’s not safe for foods and of course your children. Rather than risk your family safety, countertop replacement is one of the options that you can consider. However, before you replace your kitchen top there are some things that you need to take a note of.

Cabinet Countertop Replacement

1. Check Flooring and Cabinet

Before you start installing the new countertop, check your current cabinet and flooring whether it can hold the additional weight. Especially if your previous top is a plastic laminate countertop and you want to change to stone material. You can also consider to change or upgrade your cabinet as well when you decide to do countertop replacement. Better starts to replace it now and saves a lot of trouble in the future.

Backsplash Countertop Replacement


2. Change the Backsplash

One aspect that some people forget when they want to do countertop replacement is changing the backsplash as it generally mounted on top of the countertop. You can try to find the backsplash that matches or have the same material with your countertop to make it look seamless. There are a lot of materials and ideas that you can choose from here, to help you create your perfect kitchen.

Hachi Sink Countertop Replacement


3. Plumbing Replacement

When you want to replace your countertops, take note of the sink as most of the time you need to replace the sink too, unless you have an under-mount sink. You need to change the faucet as well as it’s connected to the sink. So you need to take this into a consideration while replacing your old countertop.

Old Appliances Countertop Replacement

4. Your Old Appliances

If you care about aesthetics, which I believe you do, you might want to change your old appliances. However, if your appliances are quite new and still in good condition, you can still use that with your new tops. Only replace the one that not useable and not fitting the style of your kitchen.

Stone Amperor Countertop Replacement

5. Shop with Confidence

The last and most important thing is confidently shopping with your trusted seller. Not every shop provides service for countertop replacement, or even if they provide it, it may not be the best service that you can get.

Well, I can assure you that we here at Stone Amperor can replace your old countertop and install the new one effortlessly. We also have a wide selection of countertop materials and brands you can choose according to your needs. 

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