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Flat-sharing, something that millennials are not unfamiliar with, has seen an upward trend in recent times. Indeed, it is quite a norm nowadays to see two or more people live in the same property together.

As its name suggests, a flatshare refers to a shared accommodation with rooms to rent. Everyone will have their own bedroom but the other rooms in the house will be shared.

Constitute a significant part of tenant population today, millennials will play a big part in the styles and finishes of their home, as they contribute fresh ideas and unique perspectives in this realm.

This time, we particularly delve into several kitchen design trends pioneered by this generation. We see how they make the heart of the home both functional and aesthetically pleasing in their own way.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Kitchen Design

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A key factor that defines millennial generation today is their desire for an organized kitchen. Millennials prefer functionality above all and believe that minimalistic design can help keep them free from all clutter.

Most importantly, this is a flatshare we are talking about. Thus, more spaciousness and more creative uses of space are definitely necessary. This is to ensure each flatmate has sufficient space of their own without messing up the entire flatshare.

Stainless-Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Appliances

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Colorful kitchen cabinets and appliances, while being deadly attractive, can be a major and expensive design commitment for most millennials today. In this case, stainless-steel appliances can be a better alternative.

While their popularity continues to remain high amongst others, new variations with a matte finish or slightly darker tone make our life easier to keep them clean and free of fingerprints. On top of that, the new stainless-steel appliances still look good enough with the older variations so a complete replacement is not necessary in the short term.



Sustainable Materials

Kitchen Designed With Sustainable Materials

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Today, millenials take a shine to sustainable and natural materials in their kitchen design. Countertops made of quartz and Caesarstone are fascinating to them because they are environmentally friendly and also easy to maintain.

Speaking of which, this generation is eagerly reconnecting with nature by utilizing organic materials. From reclaimed hardwood floors to natural stone walls, millennials are doing this in the best way they can to add more vividness to their living space.

Built-In Storage

Built-In Storage

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Millennials are most likely to be intrigued by new kitchen designs that come with a complete built-in organization system with efficient and ample storage space.

In this case, we highly recommend to incorporate modular furniture and hidden storage units in the flatshare kitchen design so everything is put in place in an orderly manner.

In addition, it is also their expectation for organized spaces to be visually beautifulAutomated shelving and stacked drawers are particularly appealing to young people who live in a flatshare.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances

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Energy efficiency has come a long way in recent years. It is often one of the biggest things millennials look out for when buying a new appliance.

Having said that,  millennials are, more than ever, aware of emerging environmental issues that our world is facing today. In essence, this has prompted them to invest in highly efficient appliances to save energy and reduce emissions.

From refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers and so on, they are just so many energy efficient appliances that they can put into consideration to help and protect our Mother Earth.

On top of that, young individuals who are living on a budget can save a lot of money spent on paying bills by embracing energy efficiency. Energy efficient appliances are the only way to achieve this goal.

As a wrap-up, the millennial generation today values most functionality, convenience and efficiency. This could be possibly why minimalistic design, functional storage and energy-saving appliances are essential kitchen features for millennial flatsharers.

They also put utmost consideration to sustainability whenever they can. While environmental impact is driving the selection of materials, they are also concerned about durability and functionality.

Finally, we hope this blog has highlighted some useful kitchen design tips for fellow millennial flatsharers or those who are planning to move into a flatshare in near future.


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