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Scandinavian design is one of the most popular interior styles in Singapore today. Featuring maximum style with maximum space, many Singaporean homeowners are going after the stylish, elegant and simple style Scandinavian design has to offer.

Its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, along with its brilliant use of natural materials are the main reasons why people like it so much. When you build on these fundamentals, there are unlimited possibilities to discover a Scandinavian home design that best suits your personality.

However, do you know what it takes to bring out Scandinavian design wonderfully in your kitchen, the heart of the home? In this blog, we cover a few key elements of a Scandinavian design that are sure to set your kitchen apart.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design

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A Scandinavian kitchen is all about looking bright and fresh. Therefore, a refreshingly light palette is recommended to make the kitchen an inviting space for the homeowners.

Not to mention that a visually neutral and calm tone is the trademark of Scandinavian interiors. Here are a few examples of colors which you can use in your own kitchen.

White – As the primary color in a Scandinavian style kitchen, white is associated with light and purity as well as being elegant and fashionable. It accentuates a sense of spaciousness and brightness. The ideal places to use this color are usually the walls and the furniture.

Grey – Another color in a Scandinavian kitchen is lighter tones of grey. It can provide a specific contrast to the room and highlight the decorative elements of the kitchen.

Black – The color black is most preferred by designers because it provides a touch of modernity for a Scandinavian kitchen. It is an accent color which usually presents in various accessories like lamps, table covers, and even the wallpapers.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design

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Scandinavian design is all about creating a cozy environment. This is why light and wood floorings are popular in Scandinavian style kitchens in order to create a natural ambiance.

It is essential to pick light-shaded hardwood floors which showcase prominent yet rustic wood grains. Otherwise, floor-to-ceiling glass panels can be pretty good alternatives as they allow plenty of light to enter the kitchen and dining area, contributing to the spacious feel of the home.

Depending on what homeowners want to achieve, a flower or region mat can break the starkness and add warmth to the floors. They may also put wooden chairs and benches in the kitchen to complement this style.




Scandinavian Kitchen Design

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The whole idea of Scandinavian design is to keep things as close to nature as possible. As a popular option in Singapore, feature walls that are made of bricks with coarse textures provide an ambiance that radiates grace and austere.

If you are looking for kitchen countertops that are strong and durable, marble or granite is a viable alternative. However, you should use a lighter shade stone to make the room look bright and airy.

On top of that, incorporating stainless steel will allow you to create a professional looking kitchen. Besides, it also makes the place look luminous. Most Scandinavian style kitchens have stainless steel appliances as it allows the light to reflect in every corner of the room.



Scandinavian Kitchen Design

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Scandinavian furniture is basic, rich and vigorously impacted by Arts and Crafts development. It essentially incorporates heaps of wood as the primary, most-used materials.

Going through the rooms and kitchens, you may discover wood everywhere throughout the house in all bits of furniture, such as tables and cabinets. This makes the furniture exceptionally practical and appealing.

The furniture designs are typically streamlined without additional brightening options. The furniture must be painted in light hues with a specific end goal to render all the more light.



Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian Kitchen Design (Image Via

Lighting is a vital element in a Scandinavian kitchen. Thus, homeowners should always keep it bright by incorporating artificial as well as natural light elements within the kitchen.

The ideal way to highlight the food presentation area is by using a direct light source attached from the ceiling. You can even attach lights on winder surfaces to illuminate the entire space.

We also recommend to choose metal lamp shades for your Scandinavian kitchen as it provides an industrial touch to the overall design and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

In conclusion, Scandinavian is versatile because it serves well as a foundation for incorporating additional styles. With industrial elements thrown into the mix, it is highly possible for your home to become extra attractive.

The key is to grasp the applicable materials and connect with them emotionally when conceptualizing the designs. After all, Scandinavian style is well-known for its simple and uncluttered look that is easy to maintain for homeowners.



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