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Retro style may seem outdated on a cultural perspective. However, a well done retro kitchen can turn any modern home into a cozy and welcoming space, where family and guests will always feel welcome to join you for a cup of coffee or a home-cooked meal.

A retro kitchen is funky and charming. It maintains a playful personality that is non-replicable, using vintage pieces and aesthetics of at least 15 to 20 years for a unique and colorful feel.

In this blog, we show you 5 key elements to create a perfect retro design for the Singaporean kitchen. Enjoy a stylish blast from the past with these design ideas and start painting your kitchen with retro style today!

1. Vintage Appliance

Vintage Appliance

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Nothing will complete your retro kitchen better than the addition of an old-school appliance. If you are looking for a kitchen that possesses vintage appeal, you could ditch modern furniture in favor of classic furniture.

Hence, you may try looking for those with the vintage appeal instead of going with more modern appliances. The addition of a vintage table will add decorative charm and a welcome pop of color to your kitchen, changing the personality of your space.

2. Checkerboard Flooring

Checkerboard Flooring

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A checkered tile floor is an absolute must when creating a true retro kitchen. A black and white color scheme will never be wrong for those who are not a huge fan of color. It is a classic and timeless option for maintaining a vintage kitchen aesthetic.
On the other hand, classic neutrals are also recommended as the foundation to the kitchen. For instance, red and white works too if you are looking for bolder hues. You may also add pop of color or two later if you change your mind.

3. Polka Dots & Gingham Linens

Polka Dots Kitchen

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Add polka dots and gingham linens wherever you deem fit. They help retro kitchens draw their personality out from a funky and vintage feel, with bold patterns and colors that splash neatly across curtains and dish towels.
In addition, polka dots also add a bit of femininity to your space, while classic gingham linens provide a cute touch to your kitchen windows and cabinets. You may also consider vintage wallpaper of these patterns to further complement the retro style.

4. Pastel Cabinets

Pastel Cabinets

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Cabinets are playing an extremely important role in creating a retro kitchen because it can make or break your theme. Therefore, you will really want to give it some extra thought when designing your dream retro kitchen.

Having said that, if you really want to commit to the boldness of a retro kitchen, do not hesitate to decide on pastel colored cabinets and take your vision full-throttle.

5. Funky Hardware

Funky Hardware

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It might be worth it to take some time to switch out your hardware to something that matches the vintage style because it will help complete your transformation of your retro kitchen. Remember, it’s the little details that matter.

For example, stainless steel lights are best alternatives when choosing the fixtures for your retro kitchen. You can also add a retro clock to your wall and an antique timer to your stove if you are looking to step back in time.

As you can see, retro kitchen designs are primarily represented by simple cozy cabinets with vintage chairs, or modern kitchen cabinets with touches of the retro style.
Both of the options can perfectly fit in every house decor and result in a really pleasant atmosphere. Everybody love them because they look so inviting and warm.
All in all, retro style is well-thought and designed to create the ideal interior for all family members and guests. We hope you enjoy these retro design ideas and get inspired for your upcoming kitchen renovation project!


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