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Introducing Lapitec, the latest product proudly offered by us at Stone Amperor!

When choosing the material for kitchen countertops, it is a no-brainer that homeowners would go after something that is competent enough to give their kitchen a long-lasting quality and style.

Among so many popular brand names in the market, Lapitec is by no means the surface of choice simply because it specializes in providing the highest quality of stone in the largest sizes.

What is Lapitec?

Lapitec Countertops

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Lapitec is a unique “full body” sintered stone slab formed using a recreated natural process called metamorphosis. It is an innovative combination of ceramic materials where they blend together under extreme heat and pressure.

Lapitec unites aesthetic design appeal and the excellent mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colours and typical finishes of natural stone.

Its large format (XXL) slabs make it easier to surface your whole kitchen with the same or similar pieces of stone, leading to a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing look.

Why Choose Lapitec?

So what exactly makes Lapitec so special and why one should choose Lapitec over other surface brands? Below we list down a few facts about Lapitec that hopefully will help answer your doubts.

1. Lapitec is Versatile

Lapitec Countertops

Contemporary Lapitec Countertops (Image Via

Lapitec has been designed specifically to offer a wide range of practical, desirable traits to those looking for a new kitchen surface for their home, while also providing an exciting and diverse range of colours and textures.

As the most suitable and diverse solution for construction and furnishing, Lapitec is easy to work with for most designers. They can utilize Lapitec in countless applications from internal and external cladding to pavements, from kitchen countertops to ventilated facades.

2. Lapitec is Practical

Lapitec: The Perfect Example Of Prestigious Italian Style

Modern Lapitec Countertops (Image Via

Lapitec offers both style and high performance. When you buy a Lapitec surface, you are essentially buying for its longevity and resistance, something which other kitchen surfaces are often unable to offer to the same degree.

In addition, Lapitec is eternal and completely weather-proof. Its uniquely constructed surface is resistant to acids, alkalis, abrasions, fire, frost and UV light, so your kitchen surface will withstand any variety of everyday spill. Lapitec surface is also non-porous, making it more hygienic and easier to clean than other similar alternatives.

All in all, Lapitec is able to endure the test of time. Having said that, being a long-lasting product is definitely a big plus as one of the most frequently used surfaces in the household.



3. Lapitec is Technological

Lapitec Countertops

Contemporary Lapitec Countertops (Image Via

Featuring the Bio-Care technology, Lapitec is particularly designed to break down and allow for easy removal of atmospheric impurities and bacteria.

This particular property is provided by Titanium Dioxide, which is impregnated into Lapitec during production, and quickly oxidizes and neutralizes problematic particles.

The use of such technology bestows Lapitec self-cleaning properties. Hence, all you need to clean your Lapitec countertops is simply a bit of soap and water!

4. Lapitec is Natural

Lapitec Countertops

Exquisite Lapitec Countertops (Image Via

Produced with maximum respect for both people and the environment, Lapitec takes great pride in the fact that its surfaces are created in a green manner where no petroleum derivatives are used at any stage.

Furthermore, the finished product is completely inert, so it releases no dangerous substances into the atmosphere. You can even recycle it with ease and have it turned into an aggregate.

In conclusion, has Lapitec piqued your interest?  If it has, we welcome you to browse through our collection of high quality Lapitec’s kitchen surfaces where each of which has a particular aesthetic focus.

Do yourself a favor and lend your kitchen an unsurpassable level of practical style today. Lapitec is an investment in elegance, which significantly brings benefits to you by staying clean and flawless with minimal care!

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