Marble Walls Singapore

Marble walls. Let me tell you something about them. They are the epitome of grandeur and elegance. No matter what type of natural marble you use for your wall, it will surely vamp up the interior of your house.

The thing about marble is that it is versatile than just a simple white background or a simple paint job. Though there are many new technology and materials rising up in the market, none of them can beat the unbeatable, marble.

Today we’re going to be looking at a specific area where natural marble can vamp up your casa! Let’s not procrastinate anymore and get into the spectacular ideas!


The Heart of The Home with Marble Walls

First and foremost is the most vital space in your home sweet home, the living room! The presence of a natural marble wall in your living room can elevate the elegance in it.

If you want to make the most of a marble living room design, appeal to a specialist who knows how to combine your ideas with the expansive world of possibilities out there.

Marble Walls In Living Room

Marble are often associated with the minimalist, modern concept. Take a look at the few inspo that we have up here. Look at how the marble is incorporated in these designs. Also, homeowners usually stick to one colour such as grey, black or white.

If you feel adventurous, you can add some accent furniture to add that burst of colour in your space. Not too much, just a decent amount of it will do! Showing a little bit of your personality won’t hurt. 

I personally love all of them, I know I’m not helping even a tad bit for you to decide which to opt for, but our natural marble specialist will sure be a big help for you!


Marbellous Marble Walls in The Loo!

Modern yet classical marble in the bathroom can never go wrong. Some people think of the bathroom as a place to just take a bath and go. Thank you, next! But no brothers and sisters, there’s more to our bathroom than just that.

A bathroom with a great design can help us have a relaxing bath or shower. A gorgeous and pleasing to the eye design. All that can be achieved with marble walls!

The marble not only creates a sense of luxury, it also helps get rid of the gloomy feeling in the bathroom. If incorporated correctly, it can even make a small spaced bathroom appears larger than it is.

Stunning Bathroom Marble Wall Ideas


Modern Kitchen with Marble Walls

Marble are standard for countertops, but it’s still a bit unexpected on the wall, especially when it’s installed in gleaming slabs. As these kitchens show, marble on the wall can add pattern to a clean-lined space, brighten a small one, and look elegant paired with a variety of cabinet styles.

Feeling like your kitchen wall is too boring and plain? I don’t have to tell you what you need for your kitchen, you already know it! Marble walls for your kitchen. The only thing it’s missing right now.

I know you might be thinking “Why would I need marble walls for my kitchen, ain’t nobody going to see it anyways.”

Sister, let me sit you down and just remind you of those aunties who just love to snoop around your house during family gatherings. Oh you know, just to check if your interiors are in trend or nahh. You won’t want to lose face lah, am I right?

But what can they say when your kitchen looks like this.

Astonishing Beauty Marble Wall In Kitchen

With all that being said, marble is inevitably gorgeous. The fact that this amazing piece of art from Mother Nature comes in different colours and patterns make it disputable.

Considering marble? Take a look at Stone Amperor’s extensive collection here.

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