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Modern-Day Kitchens – More Than Just Fancy New Appliances

What defines a modern kitchen? Is it the new-age and sleek kitchen appliances? Or is it the layout of the kitchen? Perhaps the key lies in stunning cabinetry and countertops?

The answer is quite obvious. As with most things, the secret to style lies in the details. In other words, all of the above.

Having the requisite elements can transform your kitchen from old to a stunning, multi-functional and ultra-modern space. With that said, here are some of the must-have elements that will elevate the look of your modern kitchen.

Retractable Counter Hoods

Retractable Counter Hood

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When we say modern kitchens, the theme of minimalism comes to mind. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down and more kitchen owners are adopting the style of late.

Of course, with or without style, you’ll still need functionality in the kitchen. And to keep things looking slick, you’ll need to stow away items that are not in use.

Hd6 Vornehm

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To that end, retractable kitchen hoods are all the rage these days. Obro is one such example of a modern and sleek cooker hood. In particular, Obro’s HD6 Vornehm cooker is a great hood and cooker combo that will mesh well with your kitchen’s minimalistic theme. The sleek body allows the entire hood to be submerged underneath your cooktop, effectively hidden from plain sight.

Hidden Counter Hood

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For those who prefer a gas cooktop or have a kitchen where a retractable hood is not an option, fret not. There is a wide variety of low-profile vertical range hoods available in the market today. Coloured minimalist hoods, stainless steel angled models, and round wall-mounted hoods would also be a welcomed addition.

Sinks With Sliding Panels

Modern Style Sinks

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While we’re still on the subject of minimalism, kitchen sinks are in desperate need of a makeover. No matter what you say or do, the kitchen sink is still a hole in your countertop. And worst still, the faucet protrudes from the surface which is an eyesore, to say the least.

But to get rid of the sink and faucet altogether isn’t the ideal scenario either. After all, no kitchen can go without one. But, there are ways to make the sink less obtrusive as well as even more functional. Enter sinks with moveable drain panels. These sinks allow you to place them wherever they might be most useful. It can either be on the side or directly over the sink which conceals it nicely.

In a similar vein, retractable kitchen faucets are now a thing. These faucets can virtually disappear when you’re not using it, thus keeping in line with your minimalistic tendencies.

Essentially, it retracts into the sink and swing to the side, stowing away neatly at the edge. Thus, eliminating the faucet’s usual vertical line.

Smart Countertop Sink

Smart Countertop Sink

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Retractable and hidden sinks aside, perhaps it’s the sink itself that doesn’t appeal to you.

In this case, installing a smart countertop sink can add more workspace to your kitchen countertop. Mesh the smooth look of your countertop with the technological marvel of smart kitchen sinks.

How does it work you might add? Well, the smart sink raises the bottom of the sink to be level with the counter when not in use. This allows you to still have access to running water even when the sink is “closed”.

Organized, Accessible Drawers

Smart Organizer Kitchen Countertops

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In keeping with the modern theme, organisation in the kitchen is paramount to adopting a modern style. Today’s kitchen drawers are more than just a wide-open space where you dump your utensils and tools.

They are an eminently organized space for you to place anything and everything in it. This includes designated slots for knives, which in turn, eliminates the need for a countertop knife block.

Illuminated Countertop Drawers

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Even modern large drawers are more functional with the addition of a light strip that turns on when the drawer is opened. This great addition sparks the end of days for rifling through a drawer in the dark in search of something.

“Sneaky” Countertop Storage

Hidden Countertop Compartments

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Speaking of storage, if you prefer an option along the lines of “within arms reach”, then there are still options that work for a modern kitchen.

Similar to our “hidden” countertop sink mentioned earlier, there is an option to keep your items hidden in your countertop. This minimalist version of a countertop has a hidden compartment that allows you to keep often-used items. Best of all, this design keeps clutter to a minimum and still offers a great deal of workspace!

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertops

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Even with all the fancy new materials available, nothing screams modern like stainless steel. Whether you choose to use the material as an accent or as the surface of your countertop, it’s a popular option nonetheless.

Though you do run the risk of looking less like a homey, personal space and instead your kitchen may give off an industrial vibe. And that is if you were to fully deck out your kitchen in stainless steel.



Dramatic Modern Kitchen Lighting

Modern Kitchen Lighting

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As any design aficionado knows, lighting plays a vital role in making you look good. And in this case, all the shiny, minimalistic surfaces of a modern kitchen make a perfect setting for some dramatic kitchen lighting.

While the lighting has to be first and foremost, functional, the best modern kitchen makes the lighting a focal point. And you can achieve this desired effect either through, colour, shape, size or repetition.

Neutral Coloured Kitchen

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Have a bombastic-coloured kitchen or geometric graphics on the walls? Or maybe you want a neutral coloured kitchen? Lighting with neutral colours would be the perfect fit here!

Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures are also a must for modern kitchens. For instance, geometric concrete pendants would mesh well with the theme of the modern kitchen.

Final Word

As far as modern styles go, the key thing to note is minimalism is often associated with it. Most interior design themes these days revolve around this concept or anything similar.

To have a minimalistic kitchen, you’ll need to get rid of all the clutter. In this case, you could opt for well-hidden storage space or smart storage space. Additionally, using suitable lighting will add to the look and feel of your kitchen. And using the appropriate materials for your countertop will also complete the design of your modern kitchen.

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