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Industrial Design for Singaporean Kitchen

5 Key Elements of Industrial Design for Your Kitchen

Anything industrial is usually a big hit in the renovation world. It celebrates humility, practicality and affordability. Best of all, it’s easy to achieve and really functional! This concept started out as an efficient work environment several decades ago.   However, now it has morphed into a distinctive style that made its way slowly from functional loft-style homes to villas and apartment. Cutting across generations, industrial concept seems to be…

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Kitchen Design Trends for Working Professionals [2019]

What's hot in the world of kitchen design? After a long day of work, you look forward to relaxing and unwinding at home with a simple home-cooked meal. Therefore, you contemplate the choice of ingredients you have on hand. In your mind, you can already taste the magnificent meal you have planned. Arriving home ecstatic but greeted by your dull and basic kitchen instead. Feeling a wave of lethargy wash…

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Minimalist Kitchen Design 2018

Minimalist Design for the Singaporean Kitchen

Simple, Chic Minimalist Design for your kitchen.. Many families (including mine!) thinks that the kitchen is the focal point of the home. Not only do we spend hours each week to cook in the kitchen, but children hang out at the kitchen bar for after-school snacks or even to do homework. The kitchen space, being a vital place for everyday activities may make it feel a bit awkward or out of…

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