Cool Kitchen Trends, Decor, Design, Interior

Cool kitchen trends can be implemented into a kitchen space by home owners to make the area more aesthetic without compromising on functionality. There are many different trends that can be chosen based on the home owner’s aesthetics and outlook. Here are 4 interesting trend ideas to create a cohesive and well-designed kitchen.

Cool Kitchen Trends #1: Utilisation Of Sustainable Materials

Cool Kitchen Trends, Decor, Design, Interior

Sustainable materials are a well known trend in when it comes to interesting kitchen designs. This idea is a redirect reflection of the growing awareness regarding environmental impact as well as incorporating practices that includes designing and creating an eco-friendly living space. Home owners and designers are now leaning towards choosing materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing for a kitchen space, but is also functional and durable alongside helping to reduce the environmental footprint.

One popular choice when it comes to sustainable material is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is sourced from old structures. This gives it a unique and robust appearance which helps in adding character to kitchen spaces. This material is often used to make cabinetry, countertops as well as flooring elements for kitchen spaces. The utilisation of reclaimed wood helps in providing a rustic touch throughout the kitchen space. The warmth factor that is exhibited by the colour of the material often times is known to create a homey and calm space for the kitchen aesthetics.

Apart from that, recycled glass is another sustainable which is increasing in popularity. Countertops made from recycled glass are often times mix with other materials. This is done in the idea of creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface. These countertops are usually available in various colours and patterns. This plays into the advantage of home owners as they are not only able to install functional piece in their kitchen, these elements can also be made to fit the mood and aesthetics of the overall space.

Furthermore, bamboo is another eco-friendly material that is slowly being incorporated into kitchens as not only is it sustainable, it is also highly functional. Known for its rapid growth and renewability, bamboo can used for cabinetry, flooring and even to create durable and functional kitchen accessories. Using bamboo in kitchens is seen as a way in aligning the space with the trend of sustainability alongside incorporating natural elements in a home.

Sustainable materials can also extend to fixtures and fittings as well. Faucets and handles made from recycled metals or materials with low environmental impact are becoming common. These choices can be small or big but they still contribute to a eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen design. Incorporating sustainable materials in kitchen designs is a significant movement towards creating a healthier environment alongside being able to create a space that does not compromise on its looks and aesthetics.

Cool Kitchen Trends #2: Minimalistic Outlook And Approach

Cool Kitchen Trends, Decor, Design, Interior

Minimalistic design is a famous trend overall regardless of space or area. This concept has simplicity and functionality hand-in-hand, which is known to resonate among many home owners. This approach places lots of emphasis upon clean lines, uncluttered spaces and a distinctive colour palette, often featuring shades of whites and greys. In a minimalistic kitchen, all the elements present in the space are known to serve a certain purpose.

Often time, cabinets are typically handleless as a way of creating a more seamless and streamlined look. Open shelving is used when it comes to creating an airy and open atmosphere alongside being able to provide practical storage and display space for essential kitchen items. Surfaces such as quartz or marble are often time the option of material when it comes to creating a minimalistic look in a kitchen space. These materials set out in creating a gorgeous minimal aesthetic alongside being durable and functional. Lighting plays a key role in further solidifying a minimalist feel in the kitchen space. Strategically placed lighting fixtures help in ensuring that the space is well-lit while also complimenting the running theme and design.

Minimalistic kitchen aesthetics also encapsulates functionality and efficiency to the highest degree possible. In such cases, often times many elements are simultaneously incorporated such as pull-out pantries, hidden drawers and built-in organisers as it helps to maintain order and maximise space. A minimalistic design may look relatively simple and basic to the eyes of many, but however, it does not sacrifice on warmth or personality. The careful selection of textures and even the occasional pop of colour is helpful in adding depth and character to the space.

Cool Kitchen Trends #3: Concealed And Hidden Storage

Cool Kitchen Trends, Decor, Design, Interior

Hidden storage solutions are now becoming a prominent feature in the world of cool and trending kitchen designs. This aspect is revolutionising how home owners plan and create a functional and aesthetic kitchen space. This trend places huge emphasis on maximising space efficiency alongside maintaining clean, well maintained and uncluttered appearance. Concealed storage options such as pull-out pantries and under-cabinet drawers are some of the ways used to pull off the clean and put together aesthetics of a kitchen space.

Pull-out pantries are often integrated into the kitchen cabinets and sometimes kitchen islands. This aspects sets out to provide easy access to a multitude of items which prevents any form of visible clutter or mess around the kitchen. Under-cabinet drawers can help when it comes to utilising previously overlooked spaces while also becoming a good method in storing utensils, cutting boards and other essential kitchen items discreetly. The appeal of hidden storage goes beyond the aspect of functionality. This is a huge contributing factor in creating a minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen space.

Customisable options allow for storage solutions made to cater to specific needs from spice racks, knife holders up to compartments for appliances big or small. Hidden storage solutions is a perfect example that depicts the seamless blend of form and function that has become a defining aspect of kitchen design and aesthetics in the current times. By eliminating all the mess and clutter in the area, these storage solutions help in creating a streamlined and orderly environment which enhances the visual appeal of the kitchen and also makes it a more efficient and enjoyable space overall

Cool Kitchen Trends #4: Multifunctional And Multi-Use Islands

Cool Kitchen Trends, Decor, Design, Interior

Multifunctional kitchen islands is a concept that embodies both style and functionality. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space that requires a lot of room and area for processes and food prep. In this case, the multifunctional features of kitchen islands uphold the role perfectly. These islands perform more than the basic and standard functions. For instance, these islands may offer a versatile hub for cooking, dining and socialising. Often times, they are equipped with integrated appliances such as microwaves and cooktops; hence, ensuring that the kitchen seamlessly remains as the centre of activity.

Additionally, these islands may also feature built-in sinks and dishwashers. This helps in streamlining meal preparation and cleanup processes; thus, making it easier for those prepping and preparing meals in the kitchen. The inclusion of storage solutions within these islands such as deep drawers and pull-out shelves helps keep kitchen essentials organised and within easy reach while reducing the mess and clutter on surfaces. This is a key way in enhancing the functionality of the space. Furthermore, the kitchen islands may also include other interesting features such as charging stations. This can be seen as a way in catering to the tech-savvy home owners, further adding on to its functionality in the kitchen space.

A multifunctional island can significantly contribute to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. Islands can be customised in many different ways to create a more personalised loo. For instance, the island can be put together with contrasting materials or bold colours. These islands have the ability to blend in seamlessly with various kitchen styles depending on the choices made my the home owners. Having multifunctional islands can prove to be beneficial to home owners as they do not only serve as an aesthetic element in the space, it also becomes a highly functional element in the kitchen environment.

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